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  • Blackbuck Hunts in Texas – Keith’s Blackbuck Hunt

    Blackbuck hunts in Texas – Keith and his son Luka came in on Thursday night to join their Gary on his hunt. Keith and Luka wanted to look at some blackbuck and a few other exotics. So Friday morning we set out to find Keith a good dark blackbuck. We met up with another one of our guides in town and we decided we should start right out of town on a low fence property we have been seeing a really nice dark blackbuck in. As we pulled into the ranch we passed an oat patch and we saw a younger blackbuck take off across the field. I didn’t think we would even have a shot at catching up to that one so we kept driving through the ranch. We got to a field with a bunch of cattle in it and we noticed a coyote amongst the cattle. So as we sat contemplating how to get a shot on the Coyote I scanned the rest of the field. “Keith what do you think about that black buck?” There was a buck and 3 does on the far right of the field.  It looked to be a very dark blackbuck from 7-800 yards out I couldn’t tell what his horns looked like and I had no idea how we were going to get close to them. After a few minutes of looking at them we decided to get out and try to put the sneak on them. After a few minutes of stalking the coyote we had seen decided to flee the field and that jumped the blackbuck and pushed them down to the far end of the field. I figured we were done; one side of the field is 5 strand barbed wire 2 of the does had already left the area but the buck would not allow the last doe to get to the fence. We decided the best thing would be to go sit on the edge of the field behind a tree and let the blackbuck work over to us. We sat and watched the Blackbuck and I finally realized they were going to need to be pushed up to us so I called Jeremy who had dropped us off and told him to drive in on the bottom side of the field and the Blackbuck would run right up in our lap. A couple minutes later the Blackbuck was less than 200 yards and Keith decided it was time for a shot. He let the .270 WSM do the job and dropped the blackbuck in his tracks. Congrats to Keith on a fine blackbuck animal one off the list. After some pictures and some congrats all around we were ready for some breakfast and to go look at Luka a 4 horn Jacobs sheep.