Archery Elk Hunts in Texas – Darrels Archery Elk Hunt


Archery Elk Hunts in Texas – Darrel Came into camp this weekend and had his mind-set on taking a Trophy Elk with the Mathews. Well Darrel got into camp around noon and the outside temp gauge on the truck said 102 degrees so I knew it was going to be one of those sit in the lodge kind of days and hunt late. We made it till about three and we had the bows out shooting the 3-D Javi in the yard. After a few minutes it was back inside out of the heat. About 5 we couldn’t take it any more it was time to go Elk hunting. Pulled out heading up to the Elk pasture and figured we better stop and grab a fresh bale of Alf Alfa to keep the Elk in range of Darrel’s Mathews. After a quick stop off at the feed store we were headed to the Elk pasture.As we pulled through the gate we could see the bull Elk we where after laying under the first protein feeder about 300 yards across the Klein grass field. He didn’t get the nickname toad from shying away from food! We had planned to sit in the bow stand but we quickly changed gears and the hunt quickly turned into a spot and stalk archery elk hunt. So we pulled in and parked at the base of the hill and used the dry tank to our advantage to slip into Mathews range. We where at about 15 yards and the resident red stag and hind where bedded just beyond the Elk. The Elk had no clue we where even in the neighborhood so we inched up the rim of the tank and he finally catches movement and comes to his feet and moves out to about 20 yards. We cow Elk call and he stops and turns broadside but not quite long enough to give us a shot. By this time the stag was up and ran everything out of the area. So with toads love of food we knew he’d be back. We got Darrel over into the bow stand and told him be patient toad the elk would come back to the water hole and come clean up the fresh alf alfa flakes we had just threw out before dark. We backed out and waited patiently hoping The Elk would make his way down the hill like we thought he would. After about an hour we could see movement and it was our bull coming back down the hill and then we lost him. I figured he must have gone down into the water hole about that time we saw Darrel stand up on the stand and come to full draw. The big Elk had slipped around to the water hole and out of our line of sight. Now he was headed straight back to the Alf Alfa. Well we didn’t know it till we got over there but Darrel sailed the first arrow right over the Elks back. We where sitting down the road out of the vehicle and could see bits and pieces but when Darrel’s second shot slammed through the big elks boiler room we could hear it 300 yards across the field where we where sitting and watching. We started to walk over and make sure the Elk had gone down and sure enough less than 10 yards from where the arrow struck him the big elk lay expired. After the congratulations were shared for Darrel’s first bull elk the work began. Well in our haste to get to the Elk pasture we forgot to stop at the barn and get a winch or straps or anything to help load Toad the Elk. After one failed attempt we used our surroundings and slid a cedar stay under the elks mid section and lifted while 2 of us pulled on the head the other 2 lifted the cedar log and up he went. Whew note to self when hunting big game go prepared!! We ran out of light so we took some quick pictures in the dark and headed to the skinning rack. Congrats again Darrel!! I think it is your sons turn to come and archery Elk hunt in Texas next!!

Hunter Quote of the Day: “I wasn’t shaking till the first arrow sailed over his back… Man how did I miss an animal that big”