Axis Hunts in Teaxas – Gregs Axis Hunts in Texas


Axis Hunts in Texas – After Greg was able to harvest his Aoudad on the first morning we shifted our focus to Axis Deer. After checking Game cameras on a few of our properties we decided the best bet was going to be sitting in the blind and wait for the big Axis buck to come to us.  After the first morning with no Axis bucks in sight and four hours of sitting watching we decided we would go drive the rest of the property and maybe spread a little corn out in hopes the Big Axis buck would show him self. We fed the top end of the field and continued to drive through the property. We came around a bend in the road and noticed some deer where making their way across the field to were we had just corned. One of the axis bucks looked like a shooter and so the stalk was on. We started at 375 yards and made our way to 250 and were as close as we could get. After a good look over we decided the buck was a shooter. Well in hind sight I wish we had looked a little closer. He was a little smaller than we thought but from 250 he looked like a huge Axis Buck.  Lesson learned the hard way so it was time to look for another Axis Buck. After a few more sits in the blind we did not have any luck. The big Axis Buck we had been seeing was no longer in the area. On the evening before the last day Greg asked me if I had any other places we could go hunt and I told him sure I did and that even though it was high fenced it would still be a hunt. So the plans were set and with a later start than normal we were off to get our Axis Buck. As we first pulled into the ranch we had high hopes of getting it done and getting out of there pretty quick that however was not the turn out. After seeing some Axis deer it seamed the Axis deer had vanished. We walked and drove and walked and drove a little more and nothing to show for our hard work. By 5:30 in the afternoon we were getting concerned. We only had a couple of hours to figure it out and find a shooter Axis and get on him. At 6 pm we drove back to the front gate and turned down the main road. Greg told me hey go back so I started back and we both saw the horn sticking up through the grass behind a fallen tree. How many times we had passed by the bedded Axis buck who knows but at this point that was not our concern. We waited for the Axis buck to stand up and give Greg a shot. After what seamed like an eternity the buck came to his feet and Presented Greg with a shot. That was his undoing. as we walked over Greg was pumped he had come from Virginia to Shoot an Aoudad an Axis Buck and a Javelina. We had accomplished all three. Congrats Greg on 3 fine trophies. Can wait to have Greg back in the future to get a bobcat.