Aoudad Hunts In Texas – Pauls 2nd chance Aoudad

Aoudad hunts in Texas –

Aoudad Hunts in Texas

A few weeks ago Paul and Gary where in camp for Aoudad hunts in Texas. We hunted hard for 4 days and saw a few rams on their first round of Aoudad hunts in Texas but just couldn’t put it together. So we had worked it out for Paul and Gary to come back and try again. We picked Paul and Gary up from the airport and headed for the lodge. We had enough time left on Sunday afternoon to get Paul’s Aoudad hunts in Texas started so we got them settled in the lodge and we took off to the ranch we would be hunting Aoudad. We pulled in and made a pass through the pasture. We had not seen any Aoudad yet but we had seen a couple good fallow and axis. We came around a corner and we spotted 4 good aoudad rams on the first day of Paul’s Aoudad hunts in Texas. The Aoudad turned into the brush and we knew we would have a good chance to set up on them and push them out of the brush. Tim and I developed a plan and we decided we would set up on one side with both Paul and Gary and Tim would push the brush and see if they would come out in front of us. In the first 30 minutes of Paul’s second Aoudad hunts in Texas we had a better chance on an Aoudad than we had the entire first hunt. We got set up and waited. We expected the Aoudad to come out to our left in a big clearing. Well Aoudad hunts in Texas never go as planned. We had a few Axis pass in front of us and then I could hear animals coming and I told the hunters to get ready they were coming. About that time the Aoudad rams broke through the brush into a clearing to our right and turned back down the hill away from us. Gary had trees in the way so that prevented us from having a double. Paul was lined up with one of the rams and I told him either of the two on the right were shooters. Paul didn’t waste any time and let the bullet fly. I didn’t see any sign of the bullet hitting the Aoudad so we went down to check for blood. As we got down the hill Tim came around the corner and we told him we didn’t think it was a good shot. Well the Aoudad had fallen just down the hill and Tim had seen him go down so he guided us down to him. Paul was shocked and thankful he had gotten his Aoudad. Paul’s Aoudad hunts in Texas happened fast and was finally completed after hunting and not being able to get it done in November we had been in the field for less than an hour and Paul’s Aoudad was down. Paul was excited and was ready for Gary to have the same success on his Aoudad hunts in Texas. Congrats Paul on a great Aoudad.