Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Big Joe & Little Joe on the Hunt

Whitetail Hunts in Texas –


Big Joe was back in Texas for Whitetail hunts in Texas. This year he brought his Son along with him to try to get a good buck on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. Joe and Tim would be guiding Joe and his son on this hunt and they hoped to find some good deer for Big Joe and Little Joe to look over on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. The first day Joe picked the guys up at the airport and got them out to the lodge to get settled in and get ready for the evening hunt. Once everyone was ready the headed out with high hopes to fill their tags on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. First evening was a little slow. The guys saw a few deer but nothing the guys were wanting to shoot on the first day of their whitetail hunts in Texas. After dinner everyone settled in at the lodge and got ready for day two of Whitetail hunts in Texas.  After a good nights sleep the guys were back at it in the morning. Again it was a little slow. The weather was a little warm but there were some changes in sight on the weather front and with a front barreling towards us we knew the deer would be responding to the weather. That evening the guides decided to go into a pasture that had not been hunted and hoped the deer would be moving better. As the Whitetail hunts in Texas continued the guys spotted a nice buck and wanted to try to stalk in for a better look. As they got big Joe closer in on the deer they could tell it was the type of deer they were after on Joe’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. Joe Prepared for the shot and waited for the buck to turn broadside. As he turned and offered a shot Joe put a great shot on his whitetail and the buck ran a few steps and fell in some brush. The guides gave him a few minutes and then they went over to look at Big Joe’s trophy. After a few pictures they loaded the deer and headed for the skinning rack. After skinning it was time to focus on Little Joe’s deer and he wanted to out do his dad so the guides knew they were in for a challenge. After a long afternoon of hunting and passing on a few nice deer the light faded on day two of Little Joe’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. After returning to the lodge they guys got some news that The hunters flights had been changed and they would only be able to hunt till around noon on day 3 so we knew we needed to get in early and try to get Little Joe on a good buck. We decided The best way to go about this was to walk the pasture and try to push the deer through a pinch point. We got Joes and his guide Tim set up on the spot and the rest of us began our push. We pushed a few deer down to them but not the deer we were looking for. After that we were driving back the front of the pasture and saw a nice 10 point walking down the fenceline. We called tim and told him to get in position ahead of us and we would funnel them down to them. As we made the push We noticed the deer cut in front of us and luckily Tim caught them and repositioned. Tim and little Joe closed the distance and got set up for the shot. Little Joe settled the crosshairs on the big bucks shoulder and squeezed a shot off. Last day… Last couple of minutes and Little Joe had found success on his whitetail hunts in Texas. Congrats guys on 2 fine Whitetail bucks. Good to have you guys back we are looking forward to year three of Whitetail hunts in Texas with Big Joe and Little Joe.