Elk Hunts in Texas – The Austrailian hunts for Elk

Elk Hunts in Texas – 

Elk Hunts in Texas

Alan had already taken his Mountain Lion earlier in the week and now he was ready to begin his elk hunts in Texas. After looking through and scouting for a free range Bull in West Texas we found out that most of the bulls had already shed their horns. So we checked with a few of our sources in the Hill Country and decided that would be our best bet. After a couple of days of Elk hunts in Texas Alan decided on a nice elk we had seen on the first day of his Elk hunts in Texas and we were ready to get after them first thing that morning. After looking all over the ranch for the elk we decided to walk an area that was pretty secluded and hoped the elk would be there. Shortly into the stalk we spotted the Elk and they spotted us which worked out in our favor. The Elk moved back up the draw into an area that would make it easier to load the Elk after the shot. So we worked our way into shooting distance and Alan put a good shot on him to successfully bring his Elk hunts in Texas to a close. Congrats Alan on a very nice Elk.