Texas Ibex Hunts in Texas – Joe Stalks Texas Ibex

Texas Ibex Hunts in Texas –

Texas Ibex hunts in Texas

Joe was in camp from Michigan and was hunting multiple animals. After seeing Dave take a Trophy Texas Ibex Joe Wanted one as well. So the next day we made the trip over to the other ranch to try to get Joe on a trophy Texas Ibex. After a quick lap around the ranch we had not seen any sign of the Texas Ibex. As we made our way back to the main road we headed down the road and as we came around a corner the Texas Ibex were all marching down the road in formation. We let the Ibex walk off the road and decided to make the first stalk of Joe’s Texas Ibex Hunts in Texas. As Tim walked Joe in to stalk the Ibex I pulled the truck down the road to watch and make sure they didn’t come across. Sure enough they walked across in front of me. I pulled back and waited for them to get back so we could reposition. We made our way up the road to get in front of them. I dropped Tim and Joe off and Tim got Joe set up and in position. I turned around and drove back around to where they had crossed to walk in and push them across in front of the hunter. It worked great and the Ibex crossed in front of the hunter at 40 yards. Tim had glassed the heard as they came off the hill and let Joe know which one to shoot. Joe waited patiently for the Ibex to cross in front of him and give him a shot. The shot hit home and the Ibex was down. It was a great Texas Ibex hunts in Texas. Congrats Joe!