Axis Hunts in Texas – Mark Gets His Axis

Axis Hunts in TexasAxis Hunts in Texas


Mark was also down with dave hunting Aoudad on our main ranch. After Dave took his trophy Axis Mark thought he would give our Axis hunts in Texas a shot as well. After a long day of hunting with no Aoudad giving him a shot. Guides Tim and Josh spotted this fine Axis buck standing through the brush at about 150 yards. Mark decided this was going to be his best chance to fulfill his Axis Hunts in Texas and made an incredible shot. After looking back Mark had a small window through the cedar to take a shot and placed the bullet perfectly in the Axis deers shoulder. So after a long day of hunting Mark had successfully completed his Axis hunts in Texas with this beautiful 35.5 inch Axis Buck. Congrats mark and once again we cant wait to have you back next year for another go at Aoudad.