Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Hugh Takes a nice Aoudad

Aoudad Hunts in Texas –

Aoudad Hunts in Texas

Hugh was in camp to try his hand at Aoudad hunts in Texas. On the first day we went out to one of our main ranches to check out the herd of Aoudad there. After a day of glassing we never could get on a shooter and knew they where off the main heard and that would make it pretty difficult to get on the big males if they where not on the heard. So we called it day a few minutes before dark and decided to go back to the lodge and have dinner and come up with a game plan for the second morning. We decided to sit on a free range stand that morning that we had been seeing a big ram on camera pretty regularly. Around 10 am we decided to get out and get some breakfast. We decided to pack up and head for a ranch a couple of hours away and we would stay the night if needed. We got in and made a pass through the pasture and found the heard pretty easy but they made a break for the lower ridges of brush and I knew this meant stalking in would be the only way to get on them. As we where driving I showed Tim where I wanted him and Hugh to set up and I would walk the bottom ridge and hopefully they would walk across in their laps. We knew there where some nice rams in the group and we should have our pick if the plan held out. Well as usual plans don’t always come together and when dealing with 30 animals it is hard to get them to fallow the plan. After a failed attempt we set back up and I knew the sheep where there we just had to get them to move. On the next attempt I wish I had Hugh stalking with me because I got to 50 yards 3-4 times and could have had a shot at any ram multiple times. As I got to the end of the ridge I figured they must have gotten away I heard a shot and knew it was a good one. I made my way towards the shot and I found Tim and Hugh inspecting Hugh’s Trophy. The plan had worked perfectly on the second attempt the shot was 30 yards and there was not any tracking to be done. Hugh’s Aoudad hunts in Texas had come to a close with a great trophy being harvested. Congrats on a fine Aoudad.