Aoudad Hunts in Texas – First day Aoudad

Aoudad Hunts in Texas

Aoudad hunts in Texas

We got a phone call from Joe a hunter who had came to Texas a couple of years ago and hunted with us. Joe went on to explain the situation his group had fallen into. Joe went on to explain how they had booked a free range west Texas Aoudad hunt earlier in the year, and given their dates and deposit to book the hunt. Well Joe had been in contact with the so called outfitter and got a bombshell dropped on him. The outfitter explained he could no longer provide the services and gave them a ranch owners name and told them to contact him. Well after contacting the person Joe was told that the land owner had never had any dealings with the individual and there was nothing he could do for him and he was sorry. Joe contacted the law officials in the area and started a course of action to try to get some of his money back. Well Joe and his friends still wanted to go on a hunt so he gave us a call. We were in the early stages of scouting for Pronghorn and told him on short notice for free range Aoudad hunts in Texas we would be glad to help them but it would be a tough hunt. Joe and his group made arrangements to be in camp and we started to check the cameras and see what Aoudad we where seeing here on our ranch and a few other free range spots we had. On the first night in the blinds of the Aoudad hunts in Texas we had sat everyone on the mountain here on the home ranch. After the feeders went off Efrain was sitting with his Guide Jordan and he had a couple of sheep come out right off the bat. After a few more minutes a mature ram made his way into feeder. Jordan quickly told Efrain that the ram was a shooter. Efrain quickly got his gun ready for the shot. After all the worry that Efrain didn’t bring enough gun Efrain’s bullet placement was perfect and the ram was down under the feeder. The other hunters first evening of Aoudad hunts in Texas was slower and not as successful as Efrain. After a night of gloating and celebration the other hunters where ready to get back after the Aoudad. After a slow morning we only saw some ewes and young rams we made some changes and decided to try to move around and try some other properties in the area. After another slow evening we saw a few young rams and some ewes but we just didn’t see the shooter type of ram we had been looking for. We settled in for another good meal and to listen to Efrain tell the Aoudad tale again and show us the bullet and the whole deal. Joe’s group had hunted together before and of course there was plenty of story telling and friendly banter. We hunted hard for a couple more days and just never could catch up to another Trophy Ram being on the edge of the rut we figured a lot of our big rams we had been seeing coming to feed had changed their mindset and had other things on their mind. Joe and the gang went home going 1-3 on free range Aoudad but were happy to have been able to salvage their hunt and went home with the open invitation to come back and hunt for their Trophy Aoudad. Congrats Efrain on a nice ram and we look forward to hunting with you in the future.


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