Afghan Urial Hunts in Texas – Craig Gets a Nice Ram

Afghan Urial Hunts in Texas –

Afghan Urial

Afghan Urial are one of those sheep species that I always love to guide and this was a hunt that was not out of the ordinary as far as sheep hunting goes. Anyone who has ever hunted any of the mouflon species or urials know they typically do not stand around and let you take your time and make the perfect shot. Now throw in a hunter with a muzzle loader and you know where this story is leading. We found the sheep early and were able to get a good look at them and determine this ram was the one we wanted. This herd of sheep was smart and gave us the slip multiple times. We would be on them and be preparing to get a shot and they would be gone And we would spend a half hour relocating them and trying to get back in on them. This went on for a couple hours and we could tell they were beginning to tire and it would only be a matter of time before we were able to get a shot we just needed to make it count once we did. Finally the Afghan Urials ran into a mot of trees down in the corner of the pasture and stopped. Jason one of our guides quickly got Craig in position for a shot. after ranging them at 125 yards Craig felt he could make the shot and squeezed the trigger. From the truck it did not sound good and we watched the sheep take off through the pasture and did not see any signs of the ram being wounded. Now I knew we would be in for another round of locating the sheep but this time they were pretty stirred up and made it difficult on us. After another hour we were driving up a fence row and just happen to look out and the Afghan Urials were standing at about 60 yards Craig waited for the rams to spread out he wanted an Afghan Urial pretty bad but didn’t need 2 of them on the wall. They finally presented a shot and Craig let the smoke fly again this time hitting the Afghan Urial ram right behind the shoulder. He ran about 50 yards and began to stumble and go down. We all watched to make sure he wasn’t going to get up and run again. As we made our way to Craig’s trophy we knew he was down and we began to celebrate. Congrats Craig on a great Afghan Urial.


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