Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Darrel Tackles the Mountain

Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


Darrel had been on the hunt with Joe and Efrain in October of 2013 when Efrain scored on a nice Aoudad ram on the first day of the hunt. On the first hunt Darrel was hunting on a location that took some nerve just to get up to the spot to sit and look for the Aoudad. On the 2nd or 3rd morning on the first hunt Darrel made a misstep and found him self sliding and rolling down the mountain. Darrel wasn’t to keen on going back to that location but we knew there were big Aoudad in the area so he decided to try to tackle the mountain again. This time it only took one trip up and Darrel was rewarded for his daring climb with a pretty darn nice Free range Aoudad. Congrats Darrel on a great trophy Aoudad and for surviving the mountain 1 last time.

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