Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Tough Hunting Pays Off on Free Range Aoudad

Aoudad Hunts in Texas –

Aoudad Hunts in Texas

I have guided and been a part of a lot of exciting hunts in Texas and have seen some amazing things but this particular hunt goes down as a hunt that will never be forgotten. Dennis and his wife arrived at the ranch to undertake his first free range Auodad Hunts in Texas.  Auodad in my opinion are one if the toughest exotic animals to harvest due to their keen senses and general leery behavior. I explained to Dennis the game plan that would be set out in order to successfully complete his  Auodad hunts in Texas. Dennis is a well dedicated hunter who was not afraid of the challenge that was set before him as I told him that this would be a tough hunt, that in the end it would be well worth it. We were seeing Auodad to say the least but nothing quite big enough for Dennis to shoot as I told him to hold off we can get on something bigger. Patience is the key when it comes to hunting as hard as it may be. On the last morning of the hunt we were in the blind before daylight waiting for the feeder to go off and the wind was blowing 25 to 30 mph so I knew as I told Dennis that hunting in the blind was probably not a good idea knowing that these Auodad would be below the canyons. We got out of the blind and walked from hill to hill glassing for Aoudad and finally I spotted some ewes down below a canyon but could just see their legs and not the rest of their body. The wind blowing as hard as it was turned out to be perfect cause it allowed us to sneak closer to the edge of the bluff and waited for them to cross our path. Eagerly waiting they stepped out in front of us with a good shooter ram in the heard. I told Dennis that that was a great ram and Dennis made an excellent 125 yard free hand shot right in the neck which put him to the ground. When we finally made our way around Dennis put his hands on his first trophy Auodad, to conclude his Aoudad hunts in Texas. Congratulations Dennis and Good hunting.

Josh Johnson

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