Armenian Mouflon Hunts in Texas – Skip Goes Armenian

Armenian Hunts in Texas –

Armenian Mouflon

Skip from Montana made his way to Texas in hopes of scoring on a big Armenian Mouflon. The first day we tried a little of everything spot and stalk, Corn, pushing brush and it just never came together. The next morning we made our way back in the ranch and it was a blistery cold morning wind was howling and blowing like crazy. We decided to corn the main road and see if the Armenian Mouflon herd would come out to the road. After we corned we drove back toward the gate and found some ewes coming toward the road. We decided to go on past and set up and watch the corn After a few minutes we could see the Armenian Mouflon rams working in with the ewes. We decided to pull up and see if they would stop long enough to get a shot. Once we got even with the rams they bolted up on the ridge but stopped about 75 yards away and looked back. After a quick reposition Skip made an excellent shot and dropped this beautiful Armenian Mouflon. Congrats skip this Armenian Mouflon will make an awesome edition to your collection for the museum.

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