Predator Hunts in Texas – Skip Hunts Tough

Predator hunts in Texas –


Anyone who has ever met Skip from Glasgow Montana has sure to of heard a few of his hunting stories. For a man who has hunted all over the world and taken many of the animals in their native environments age and the Cancer have humbled Skip. We spent a few days hunting Armenian Mouflon and a few days predator hunting so I heard and enjoyed many of Skips stories. We predator hunted some in the hill country and killed a couple fox and were looking for the elusive Ringtail that never showed himself. We then moved down to Webb County and began hunting one of my best predator ranches. On the first stand of the night we had the eyes of a predator working in within 30 seconds of calling. Right away I knew it was a cat and I tried to get skip into position. The cat made it down to a creek and we lost him ( for a second). I shined around to make sure nothing else was sneaking in on us and another predator was coming down the sendero behind us. as we tried to get positioned on him I noticed out of the corner of the light the 1st cat ran across the road 20 yards behind the truck… and the 2nd cat got back in the brush and I could see him circling down to the next sendero. It was now one of those situations like which one is going to pop out right here by the truck first!! Good problem to have right !! Well after only a few seconds we found out and it was the first cat worked its way down to the point of the brush where 2 roads came together. 10 yards from the truck skip got turned and boom we had a cat down I kept calling and the second cat just stopped and sat down behind a cactus. I threw everything I had at him to try and get him to come out from behind there and he finally got up and took off straight away never giving Skip a shot. So off to the next stand we went and I think we had animals on every stand and a few winded us or just never gave us a shot. It got down to about 1:30 -2 am and I had let one of our other guides jump up top and call a few stands. Skip was getting tired and ready to head back to the lodge and we said lets try 1 more stand. So after a few minutes into the stand a coyote come barreling down the lane cut in the brush and about 60 yards out he stopped and Josh told skip to shoot. Not realizing skip was holding the shotgun we were all surprised that the 3″ dead coyote load dropped the Coyote in his tracks. Once I got to him I could tell that 1 of the T shot pellets had landed right between the Coyotes eyes! What a shot and what a great hunt with a very interesting person. Thanks Skip for sharing all your stories and plans for the museum one day we will have to bring the kids up when it is done. And we are looking forward to having you back down in September for another exotic hunt and possibly some more predator hunting !

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