Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Mark Closes the Deal on Aoudad

Aoudad hunts in Texas –


Mark was on his return trip for Aoudad after 2013 deciding to take an Axis buck instead of an Aoudad. On the first day Marks and his guide Josh sat in a blind for Aoudad and saw a descent ram he just passed through and Mark couldn’t get a shot. on the second day we went to a different ranch and hunted all day with another hunter in the group taking an Aoudad and an Axis buck it came down to day 3 of the hunt and Mark was back on the same ranch he started on but on a different stand. There were a few rams came out and this bruiser was at the back of the pack so we told Mark to wait and let him come in and get cozy in the set up and then we would get a better shot. Anyone who has ever hunted Aoudad know they are a tough animal and often times you do not get a pass through and the animal will typically run even with a well placed shot. Mark got comfortable and made a great shot on this on and he ran to the edge of the brush less than 50 yards and fell. In this country we were hunting with steep cliffs and canyons we could have been a lot worse off. Congrats Mark on a great Aoudad ram and we look forward to having you back in the future for another exciting hunt.

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