Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Year of the Aoudad Continues

Aoudad hunts in Texas –

David was in from Cheyenne Wyoming with his brother in law and good friend Mark. In 2013 the group was in and David took a really nice Axis and wanted to come back for Aoudad. So on the first day of the hunt David was on the ledge blind and had a respectable ram come in, with it being the first day of the hunt David decided to pass on that ram. The second day we all went to another ranch and spent the day looking for an axis buck for one guy and we needed to shoot 2 aoudad with this group. So after a few close calls and a couple of great stalks that ended with a swirl of the wind or a ewe snorting at us we had dropped the axis hunter off in a spot that the axis had been making their way through avoiding the truck and we continued to drive to find the group of Aoudad rams and hopefully push an axis buck in front of the other hunter. We were driving down the back fence line and came around a corner and there he was standing broadside 30 yards away looking right at us. There was no time for a stalk or to get out of the truck I told Dave who was on that side to get ready and them one in the middle of the 3 rams was the best one. Dave quickly got the Aoudad in his sights and made a great shot. We knew the ram would be laying right in front of the brush that he jumped through and much to our surprise he was not!! the blood trail was amazing and I do not know how the Aoudad ran as far as he did but he couldn’t of had an ounce of blood left in him. We finally got down the hill into the creek bed and there he was piled up in the cedar. A nice Aoudad down and now it took the 4 of us there to carry him back to where we could get him with the truck. Man what a toad this aoudad was we decided to put him on the scale and he topped out at 340 lbs live weight. Great Aoudad Dave and we look forward to you guys coming back in 2015!!

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