Axis Hunts in Texas – David Gets His Axis

Axis Hunts in Texas-


After a long day of hunting we decided to break out the spotlight and see what was on the oat field First deer we see is this nice Axis Buck. David made the first shot and the Axis deer ran across the field into the brush. We gave him a few minutes as we thought we heard the deer crash and go down in the brush. It was kind of a rainy nasty night and I was afraid any blood would quickly be washed away so we made the decision to try to get on the trail and track him instead of pulling out and giving him time to expire. We found a small amount of blood when we first got in the brush and once we got in going up the hill we could see the Axis buck slowly walking down a trail ahead of us. We knew he was hit pretty good but we didn’t want him to get over the top of the hill we were on so we made our way closer to him and David’s second shot did the trick. Now to get the Axis buck off the hill!!! What a day of hunting and for it to all come together like it did.. Congrats David on a nice Axis buck.

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