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  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Skip Hunts Tough

    Predator hunts in Texas –


    Anyone who has ever met Skip from Glasgow Montana has sure to of heard a few of his hunting stories. For a man who has hunted all over the world and taken many of the animals in their native environments age and the Cancer have humbled Skip. We spent a few days hunting Armenian Mouflon and a few days predator hunting so I heard and enjoyed many of Skips stories. We predator hunted some in the hill country and killed a couple fox and were looking for the elusive Ringtail that never showed himself. We then moved down to Webb County and began hunting one of my best predator ranches. On the first stand of the night we had the eyes of a predator working in within 30 seconds of calling. Right away I knew it was a cat and I tried to get skip into position. The cat made it down to a creek and we lost him ( for a second). I shined around to make sure nothing else was sneaking in on us and another predator was coming down the sendero behind us. as we tried to get positioned on him I noticed out of the corner of the light the 1st cat ran across the road 20 yards behind the truck… and the 2nd cat got back in the brush and I could see him circling down to the next sendero. It was now one of those situations like which one is going to pop out right here by the truck first!! Good problem to have right !! Well after only a few seconds we found out and it was the first cat worked its way down to the point of the brush where 2 roads came together. 10 yards from the truck skip got turned and boom we had a cat down I kept calling and the second cat just stopped and sat down behind a cactus. I threw everything I had at him to try and get him to come out from behind there and he finally got up and took off straight away never giving Skip a shot. So off to the next stand we went and I think we had animals on every stand and a few winded us or just never gave us a shot. It got down to about 1:30 -2 am and I had let one of our other guides jump up top and call a few stands. Skip was getting tired and ready to head back to the lodge and we said lets try 1 more stand. So after a few minutes into the stand a coyote come barreling down the lane cut in the brush and about 60 yards out he stopped and Josh told skip to shoot. Not realizing skip was holding the shotgun we were all surprised that the 3″ dead coyote load dropped the Coyote in his tracks. Once I got to him I could tell that 1 of the T shot pellets had landed right between the Coyotes eyes! What a shot and what a great hunt with a very interesting person. Thanks Skip for sharing all your stories and plans for the museum one day we will have to bring the kids up when it is done. And we are looking forward to having you back down in September for another exotic hunt and possibly some more predator hunting !

  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Austrailians take the Texas Tour

    Predator Hunts in Texas –

    Predator Hunts in Texas

    We recently had the pleasure of hosting Mario and Collin From the land Down Under on their first Predator Hunts in Texas. They decided that our normal 2-3 day predator hunts in Texas packages would not suite them so it turned into a 7 day venture. We started out in West Texas and called in some fox and a few other animals and during the Day the guys shot a couple Javilina. We worked our way back into the hill country and spent a few nights hunting the area and the north edge of South Texas. After marking nearly every varmint and critter off the list we still needed a bobcat and maybe a badger and another Javilina if we could manage to find one. So we decided to spend the last few nights of their predator hunts in Texas down South. On the first night down south we managed to get a couple of nice bobcats and missed a few coyotes and coons. The last night we really wanted to focus on getting a coyote and we managed to call in a few but just could not get one on the ground. After a week of nonstop hunting we had a pretty good list of animals we had taken on their Predator hunts in Texas including , Bobcats, fox, Ringtail, Coons, Porcupine, Javilina, armadillo, and had missed a chance at a badger and a few Javilina had met their match. These guys where a blast to hunt with and we are already looking forward to next year when these guys come back for round 2 of Predator hunts in Texas!!


  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Bobcat for Mark

    Predator Hunts in Texas


    On a recent Predator hunts in Texas Mark and his Family from Alabama scored this beautiful Bobcat. After the first night of fox hunting and seeing a dozen animals we headed south to try for bobcat on this Predator hunts in Texas. On the first night down south we managed to make the only successful stand count and Mark landed this nice cat. We have fought the wind all season down south and it did not relent for this Predator hunts in Texas. On the third night of predator hunts in Texas we saw a few animals and had the wind pick up to almost unhuntable levels. We managed to see 2 more cats but could not connect on them. Congrats on this fine bobcat, And congrats Mark for taking your youngsters out in the woods and teaching them to hunt and gun safety.


  • Ringtail Hunts in Texas – Moises Checks one off the List

    Ringtail hunts in Texas


    Moises Hunted Water Buffalo this weekend and wanted to do a little varmint calling and possibly look for a Ringtail hunts in Texas. After a few stands of calling Moises had a couple of fox to show for his efforts. Moises told his guides he would be very pleased to find a Ringtail. So they drove around the ranch in search of the Elusive Ringtail. After a little while Moises ringtail hunts in Texas heated up. The guys saw eyes in a tree in the distance and decided to try to get to the tree by foot and try to get Moises in position to get a shot. After a quick run to the tree Moises made a good shot and check the elusive Ringtail off the list. Congrats Moises on a successful Ringtail hunts in Texas.


  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Josh gets his Bobcats

    Predator Hunts in Texas –

    Predator Hunts in Texas

    On a recent Predator Hunts in Texas Josh was in south Texas with his guide Joe Johnson. Joe did a good job calling in multiple animals on Josh’s Predator Hunts in Texas. Josh was able to take 3 very nice Bobcats while on this hunt as well as some nice Fox. Josh proved he was up for the task making some difficult shots on small game. Congrats Josh on a good hunt and some fine Animals. Looking forward to mounting these animals for Josh.

    Predator Hunts in Texas

    Predator Hunts in Texas

  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Bob Gets a Big Cat

    Predator Hunts in Texas –

    Bob was down from Michigan a couple of weeks ago and had been looking forward to his predator hunts in Texas for almost a year since he had booked it. Bob is a farmer by trade and a very busy man so the weeks leading up to the hunt we had played phone tag trying to just get confirmation that everything was good to go and everyone was on the same page. So after a snow delay in Detroit bob was on his way to Texas to begin his predator hunts in Texas. Bob had expressed that on his predator hunts in texas he would mostly like to go after bobcat and a ringtailed cat would be a major player on the list as well. The first night we stayed in the Hill Country and Bob managed to get a couple of fox down and let a few walk on purpose and by way of miss. Bob was also able to take a very nice ringtailed cat that first night. The second night we made a run down to the northern edge of the south Texas brush country to a ranch we predator hunt in the Batesville area. We were able to get a few shots on bobcat but were unable to connect on this night of predator hunts in Texas. The third night of the hunt I figured we better go somewhere we would for sure get a good shot at a bobcat. I knew we had hunted some of our country over east of San Antonio recently but I knew I could probably get one in close. So off we set for a bobcat. First stand I called and called and called and nothing. I noticed the spotlight was acting up and I asked John to hand me my back up light. We plugged it in and were talking about where I wanted to call next and I happened to shine around to our right and there was a coyote trotting into the stand about 50 yards from us. I started blowing my mouth call and he kept coming to about 40 yards. Bob made a running shot on him and we were able to get a blood trail and get on him. Next stand I had eyes come out across a large field and then I lost them. After a few more minutes we had another coyote come out behind us and circle down through our wind and was still coming. At about 130 yards I told bob he better get him before he got to the brush. Shot and and it looked like he had gotten him. John got out and started looking for him. After a few minutes we noticed there was a problem. The light had stopped and John was hunched over. Apparently The owner had been out and put up a hot wire around his wheat field and John found it the hard way. John finally made his way back to the truck with no coyote in tow so we move on. On way to the next stand we drove toward the spot I had seen the eyes earlier. and sure enough there where still eyes sitting in the brush. I gave John the stop sign and began using my mouth call. The eyes began to slowly creep close to the truck and Bob readied his rifle. The eyes came around the last bit of brush and into the open and sat down. I Told Bob to take the shot. Cat down we drove closer and Bob readied the shotgun and finished the big cat off. It was big cat I knew. And so I let john take over and call the rest of the third night of predator hunts in Texas. The next morning we weighed the cat and it tipped the scale at 40 LBS. Great cat Bob. Cant wait to have you bag next year for some more action packed predator hunts in Texas.


  • Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas – To Close for Comfort

    Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas –

    I guess when hunting any big game you run the risk of being a little to close or having a close encounter with danger. Well our latest Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas was on the verge of becoming a disaster and yet everyone walked away without a scratch. We had Allen coming in from Australia to for Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas. Clay had loaded the dogs and taken them out to West Texas to scout for the upcoming Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas. On the evening before the hunt Clay was running the dogs to try to hit a bobcat before he had to pick Allen up in Midland at the airport to begin his Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas. After an afternoon run with the dogs one of the hands had rode up a trail in a canyon and came upon a fresh scratch and a deer carcass that wasn’t more than a day old. After a quick examination they knew we had a cat on our hands and this would need to be run as soon as possible. Not wanting to have to keep a cat treed all night Clay decided to pull out and turn the dogs loose on the trail in the morning. I was finishing up another hunt and got the call that I would need to run get the hunter and bring him from Midland to the ranch to begin his mountain lion hunts in Texas. After a couple of hours of sleep I headed for Midland. I made it to the airport a little after 10 am and Allen was waiting in the terminal. As we got on the road I told Allen I have good news and bad news. Good news was we had good sign and bad news was we had already released the dogs. Allen understood the circumstances and was looking forward to his mountain lion hunts in Texas. On the way down I got a text from Clay that they were on the trail and to call when we got to the gate. We finally arrived a little after noon and I made the call. No answer. I knew they were on the trail and were probably in a canyon without service. After a few minutes we got a text with a general location and that one of the hands would run out to the main road and lead us in to the horses. We were finally there and as I exited the truck I could hear hounds baying up the canyon. I knew Allen’s mountain lion hunts in Texas was going to come to a head pretty quick what I didn’t know was how close of a call this hunt would become. Allen mounted his horse for the ride up the canyon as one of the ranch hands lead him to where the dogs were. as they approached Clay and one of the other ranch hands lead them down to the ridge were they where level with the cat in the tree. Allen readied for the shot to bring his mountain lion hunts in Texas to an end. As Allen squeezed the trigger the cat was hit hard but came down the tree and up the trail right into everyone’s lap. Allen managed to get another shot off as he came up the trail and then used the gun to keep the cat out of his lap. As it came behind the horse it was obviously not interested in attacking or it could have done plenty of damage. Everyone rushed up the trail to get the verdict and the found the mountain Lion hunts in texas was indeed complete. The Mountain Lion was expired in the bottom of canyon and the celebration was on. Wasn’t only a celebration of a successful hunt but for a safe ending to Allen’s mountain lion hunts in Texas that could have ended on a much worse note. Congrats Allen on an awesome and majestic animal. I know you will not forget that ending any time soon.

    Check out the video from this Mountain Lion hunts in Texas!


  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Bill and His Cats

    Predator Hunts in Texas –

    Predator hunts in Texas

    Bill drove in from Central PA and was scheduled for a 3 day Predator hunts in Texas along with a couple days to chase Blackbuck. Well we knocked the blackbuck out on morning number 2 so the concentration was Bobcat and Ringtail for the remainder of  Bill’s predator hunts in Texas. The first night of Bill’s predator hunts in Texas found us on one of our ranches in the Rocksprings area. I figure we would get Bill’s predator hunts in Texas started with some fox and try to get his ringtail out of the way. So the night started fast and went south pretty quickly. We called a fox in on the first stand and missed. During the call I spotted a ringtail in a tree behind us. After the miss on the fox I told John one of my guides to hurry and drive us directly to the tree. We got out and shined but he had gotten away. Next stand more of the same. We had a ringtail in a tree and by the time we got there he had made his escape. Bill’s Predator hunts in Texas were not going as good as I hoped to start out but hey that’s hunting right. Stand 3 we had 2 fox come in and didn’t get a shot on either one before they gave us the slip. So by this time the wind had picked up to near gale force and it was making for tough calling conditions. We made a couple more stands and decided to ride around the rest of the evening and look for ringtail. By this time Bill was ready to call it a night so we could wake up and try to hunt his blackbuck. First night in the books and we where down by a touchdown. I hoped day 2 of Bills predator hunts in Texas would be more productive. We decided for night 2 since we had gotten Bills blackbuck down earlier in the day we would run south and try for bobcat and then try to get back to the main ranch in utopia to shine for ringtail we had been seeing there. After a very slow night we made it back to Utopia and shined for ringtail. Well no luck. For the 3rd day I wanted to get on some of my better country and boy where we treated to one of the best predator hunts in Texas I have ever been a part of. On the first stand we had 2 bobcat come in and no shots were fired. Stand 2 we had a bobcat at less then 15 yards and couldn’t get a shot. Third stand Coyote 25 yards circled around the long way and finally winded us kept calling and a bobcat appeared down the road on our right side and was working his way downwind. He got across the last opening without us shooting. So at this point we had called in 4 cats and a coyote and we had a major thunder storm rolling in on top of us. After an hour in the truck and probably an inch of rain I was hoping it hadn’t killed the  action. Next stand we had a bobcat come in about 20 yards in front of us and Bill couldn’t get on him quick enough and he moved as Bill pulled the trigger. I kept calling and I found eyes about 5 yards behind the truck on the edge of the road. Bill.. right here man!! Boom!!! another miss. We had left the shotgun in the truck after the storm. Man bonehead move on my part. The next stand was the only blank of the night and the next was another miss on cat after 30 minutes of calling. The next stand it finally came together. We had been calling for a few minutes and had a cat come out down the sendero. I knew he was going to come close once he got in the brush. I turned the volume down and gave a few soft squeaks on my mouth call. A few seconds later I had eyes at less than 15 yards. I got Bills attention and He fires his shotgun. Bills Predator hunts in Texas had finally started to turn around. What a nice cat to start his Predator hunts in Texas. The night went on and we had some more close encounters and near misses. On the last call of the night one of our guides Joe Johnson had taken over Bill Was lucky enough to take an even bigger bobcat. It was an awesome night of hunting. We had called in 12 bobcats a coyote and probably 20 coons. We got back to Utopia around 8 am and it was time for some sleep. We wanted Bill to hunt 1 last night to try to get the ringtail and it was a good thing he agreed. WE were making a stand for fox and a ringtail came running in to the call. Once we realized what it was it turned and got in a tree. We bailed out of the truck and got to the tree. Bill shot his shotgun again and blew him out of the tree. I was relieved until it got up and ran off. We were right on him though after a few more shots at him I finally had to catch him bare handed and finished him off. Bill was elated everything he came to predator hunts in Texas for he had gotten except his Badger. I will have to have one pinned down for next time. Thanks Bill looking forward to hunting with you again next year.


    Predator hunts in Texas

  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Stewart gets some Texas Predators

    Predator Hunts in Texas –

    After A quick trip from the airport in San Antonio to the lodge just outside of Laredo Texas Stewart was ready to go out and begin his Predator Hunts in Texas. We got the truck ready and we headed out to begin Stewart’s Predator hunts in Texas. On the first stand of the night we had a coyote come in and Stewart made what we thought to be a good shot. We finished the first of Stewart’s Predator hunts in Texas and got down to retrieve the Coyote. Well upon further investigation the Coyote had gotten away. We set out for another stand on Stewart’s Predator hunts in Texas. After a couple of stands with no action we had made 2-3 stands and after the 4th stand I told James to go ahead and we would move to the next spot. We thankfully the truck is a standard because the battery was dead. the dreadful click click click! We got out and decided we would push start it. So we got it started again and off to the next spot. On the next stand we had 2 coyotes cross the road in front of us but they never provided a good shot. Having to push start the truck after each stand we decided to call it a night as it was already 2 am and the weather was moving in on us. As we were heading out of the ranch we drove through an area and I told myself we better stop and call here. So I told James to stop and we made another stand. As I began to call I noticed eyes in the distance and then a bunch more eyes. Cows!!! Dang I thought to myself they are going to ruin the stand. About that time I caught low eyes and I thought it was a coyote running in front of the cows. Nope just a calf. As I brought the light back around before I even got the light on him I saw the eyes of a bobcat in the halo of the light. I Got Stewart’s attention and got him ready for the shot. I brought the light down on the cat and wham the shot sounded out. The cat jumped about 4 feet off the ground and that usually is not good. Well it moved a little and laid down and Stewart shot again. After a few minutes of looking we found the cat and Stewart had his Bobcat on his first night of predator hunts in Texas. It all happened so fast we didn’t even have to push start the truck. So after some a couple of hours of sleep we went to town and got the battery tested on the truck and thankfully that was all it needed because it didn’t miss a lick the rest of the trip. Night 2 of predator hunts in Texas began and we had a Coyote wind us. The next couple stands once again were unproductive. I guided Tim back to a spot I had seen a bobcat while deer hunting the day before. As soon as I started calling I shined the light to the right down a sendero and the bobcat was running to the truck on Stewart’s second night of predator hunts in Texas. I got Stewart set up and the cat went off the road to our right. We thought he was gone and after a few seconds I had eyes again this time less than 15  yards from the truck. So close but in some thick brush and not providing a shot. So I changed the call hoping to get him to move and it worked the cat began to work his way towards a road. I nudged Stewart and told him to get set up to shoot on the road that the cat was going to come across. I shined around again just to make sure there was not something else coming and returned focus to the cat. within a second or two of the light being away from the cat he had ran across the road. So I could see he was circling and I got Stewart set up on the next road. The cat this time knew something was not right and ran across the road not giving us a shot. We saw the cat working the circle a couple more times but never giving us a shot. so after all that nothing to show for on the second night of Stewart’s predator hunts in Texas. The next stand it was almost the same situation. We had a bobcat storm in on us and put the brakes on at about 20 yards and hide behind a bush and taunt us for 20 minutes only to walk straight away through the brush never giving us a shot. After the standoff we had some raccoons make their way in but they left before we could get a shot on them. So night two of Stewart’s predator hunts in Texas drew to a close and we had seen some animals but just couldn’t get the shots we needed so we decided to call it a night around 3:30. For night three of Stewart’s three-day predator hunts in Texas we decided to make a move to the hill country to try for some fox and to look for a ringtail. Night three of Stewart’s predator hunts in Texas started with some bangs but nothing to show for the bangs. 7 Fox called in on 1 stand and we didn’t hit any in the 4 shots we took. On the next stand we had 2 fox and Stewart hit both but they got away some how. We called long into the night and called in over 20 Grey fox throughout the evening and Stewart managed to take 3 very nice grey fox. We looked all night for a ringtail and decided to call it a night around 4 am. So after 3 days of Predator hunts in Texas we had seen a lot of animals and Stewart managed to take a few fine animals for his trophy room. Congrats Stewart and we look forward to hunting with you in the future.


  • Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas – Rick and Dick’s Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas

    Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas –  Rewind to February of 2012 and picture having to call Rick and let him know that we were going to have to reschedule Dick and his Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas. Well you can imagine as any hunter would be, they were pretty disappointed. Well we told them to figure out when they could reschedule and let us know and we would make their mountain lion hunts in texas happen! Neither Rick or Dick could take the time off till November so we rescheduled for November 5th. The hunters were scheduled to fly in to the midland airport on Sunday and we planned to start hunting Monday morning to begin their 5 day Mountain lion hunts in Texas calling and hound combo hunt. Sunday morning I made my way to Fort Davis where we would call home for the 5 day Mountain lion hunts in Texas. I made my way out to one of the ranches we would be hunting to hang some baits we had been saving in the freezer for this particular hunt. Joe one of our guides was in Midland to pick the hunters up and bring them down to Fort Davis. The plan was to hunt with dogs with our West Texas partner, professional hunter Tye Vick by day and do some predator calling by night. As I was out hanging baits at the ranch I would drive up to the top of the mountain were I could get cell service to check if the hunters had made it in or if Tye had called to make plans for the next mornings Mountain Lion hunts in Texas with his dogs. A little after noon Tye had called me and said one of his ranch managers had called him and told him he had just found a fresh kill that appeared to have been made by a pretty big mountain lion and said he was going to go check it out if I wanted to meet him at the ranch and take a look. Well now that was exciting news so I dropped what I was doing and called Joe who had just picked the hunters up and was in the process of getting them legal for their Mountain Lion hunts in Texas. I explained the situation and told him to get the hunters to town and get settled in the Hotel that their keys would be waiting at the desk. I told him I was going to go check out the fresh kill and make a plan with Tye for the morning. I was back to town and headed out to meet up with Tye and when we met up we both knew the stars where aligning for what ever reason we had just caught a pretty good break. As we made our way into a canyon we met up with the ranch manager and he walked us down a trail and said ” there you go boys, What do you think? ” What did we think? Well we knew for sure we were standing at the site of a freshly slain Javilina and the probability of that being a fresh Mountain Lion Kill was pretty high. So Tye and I made a plan. We would ride into the canyon at sun up on horseback with the hunter and let the hounds do their job. With the plan set we parted ways and I made my way back to the hotel in Fort Davis. About an hour or so later Joe arrived with the hunters and I was glad to report on the prospect of having a good shot on a fresh trail in the morning. We decided to have dinner and get a good night sleep and prepare for the first morning of Rick and Dick’s Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas. With dreams of catching this Mountain Lion running through our heads I am sure sleep was as hard to come by for for everyone else as well. The plan was to meet Tye at the turn off to the ranch at 6:30 am and head back to the canyon we had driven into the day before. We got there and unloaded the horses and where ready to go by 7:15. The night before over dinner we had discussed who was going to be up first. Rick graciously let Dick have the first crack at Mountain lion Hunts in Texas. So at 7:15 Tye opened the dog box and let out the dogs. As they filtered out of the trailer a few marked the new territory and a few where already nose down looking for lion sign. Tye, Dick and myself mounted up and started down the trail when we heard that truly awesome sound. If you have ever hunted with dogs you know what I am talking about. That hounds bawl cracked through the frosty morning air and made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I was excited I knew the hounds where on the right track as more of the pack began to join in. We knew they where on the cat. After rounding a bend we cut across country to another canyon following the bawling hounds. We approached a Dry creek and decided that was probably going to be a good place to dismount and head in the rest of the way on foot. By this time we could tell the dogs had the cat treed or bayed a little further up the canyon on the first morning of the mountain lion hunts in Texas. I was trying to get the camera ready and Tye and dick where already headed up a little in front of me. We rounded a corner and could hear the dogs loud and clear as we made our way up the mountain. The hounds had the Mountain lion bayed on a huge rock structure.

    The only choice was to head up and see if we could get a shot on the Mountain Lion. We started our way up and for a guide who was battling Strep Throat and running a high fever the altitude and the mountain was getting the best of me. As we approached the top of the structure the mountain lion was laying with the hounds keeping him at bay on top of the structure. We wanted to get a close up picture of the cat and the dogs. As Tye approached he snapped a couple more pics from a spot that was not quite to the top.









    Shortly after we snapped this picture of the Mountain Lion laying on top of the rock structure he spooked and took the plunge off the rock structure and ran down to the base of the mountain out of sight. We quickly worked to get the dogs back down on the trail and they went back to work. within a few minutes the dogs had the Mountain Lion bayed on another cliff. As Dick and Tye made their way in for the shot I set up with the video camera to capture the outcome of Dick’s Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas. To watch the video click on this link Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas Video. With the camera rolling dick proceeded to move in for the shot. After a couple tense minutes Dick was ready to take the shot on his Mountain Lion hunts in Texas. As Dick readied the rifle Tye got his dogs attention and as he steps back Dick let the shot go and it hit home hard. The Mountain Lion went out of sight off the back side of the cliff. I watched through the viewfinder of the camera and knew the .243 had hit home and should have been an excellent kill shot. As Dick and I slipped around the base of the mountain Tye scaled the rock and looked down on the cat lying on the back side of the rock. After a few minutes we all realized what Dick had accomplished on his first morning of mountain lion hunts in Texas!! After some congratulations where shared we got the Cat down to a spot we could snap some pictures and relish the moment. Rick and Dick had hunted Montana and New Mexico in years past and where unsuccessful in their previous hunts. But in one morning of Mountain lion hunts in Texas Dick was standing over a 120 pound male Mountain Lion. After we got the pictures taken it was time to pack him out and share the experience with Rick and Joe who were waiting patiently back at the truck. Once there we took more pictures and shared the experience with Rick and Joe and got to work cleaning the mountain lion. With four more days of Mountain Lion hunts in Texas we were ready to get Rick out and get him a Lion on his Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas.

    Over the next 4 days we hunted hard and left no stone unturned checking baits, running dogs, and calling looking for Rick a cat on his mountain lion hunts in Texas. We ran the dogs on several ranches and caught a few trails but we never could finish the deal for Rick on his mountain lion hunts in Texas. What a great hunt and to get a cat on the first day of the hunt was a great feat. Congrats Dick on your successful Mountain Lion hunts in Texas. Another great mountain lion hunts in Texas Thanks to Rick And Dick for working with us on the reschedule and we look forward to having them back in the future.