• Hogs With Dogs

    Hogs with dogs –


    A night out running the dogs proved fruitful on this night. A method of  hunting hogs that has grown in popularity with all the TV attention in the past few years. If this method of hog hunting is something you would like to try give us a call and we can put you on the hogs.

  • Hog Ram Combo Hunts in Texas – Dave and Friends find Success

    Hog Ram Combo hunts in Texas –

    hog ram

    Dave and a couple of his friends from Colorado recently were in camp to take on a hog ram combo hunt. On the first afternoon we spent the evening stalking rams and everyone was successful on their ram quest taking 3 nice rams. The paint was herded up with some goats and Dave showed great patience as it took over an hour to stalk and get a clear shot on this nice paint ram. The Texas dall was in a big heard of rams  and Aileen made a great shot on the move at 125 yards and put her ram down in his tracks. The Black ram was another long stalk and we got him to finally stop and give Darren a shot and he fell in his tracks as well. After the rams were skinned we headed over to a ranch we have been seeing some pigs. We hunted mostly safari style at night with a spotlight and we managed to take 5 pigs the first night and 3 the second night. They also enjoyed cruising looking at all the other animals on the ranch including many African species and all of the common exotics. Thanks Dave for putting this hog ram hunt together and we look forward to having you guys back in October.

    hog ram


    hog ram

  • Afghan Urial Hunts in Texas – Craig Gets a Nice Ram

    Afghan Urial Hunts in Texas –

    Afghan Urial

    Afghan Urial are one of those sheep species that I always love to guide and this was a hunt that was not out of the ordinary as far as sheep hunting goes. Anyone who has ever hunted any of the mouflon species or urials know they typically do not stand around and let you take your time and make the perfect shot. Now throw in a hunter with a muzzle loader and you know where this story is leading. We found the sheep early and were able to get a good look at them and determine this ram was the one we wanted. This herd of sheep was smart and gave us the slip multiple times. We would be on them and be preparing to get a shot and they would be gone And we would spend a half hour relocating them and trying to get back in on them. This went on for a couple hours and we could tell they were beginning to tire and it would only be a matter of time before we were able to get a shot we just needed to make it count once we did. Finally the Afghan Urials ran into a mot of trees down in the corner of the pasture and stopped. Jason one of our guides quickly got Craig in position for a shot. after ranging them at 125 yards Craig felt he could make the shot and squeezed the trigger. From the truck it did not sound good and we watched the sheep take off through the pasture and did not see any signs of the ram being wounded. Now I knew we would be in for another round of locating the sheep but this time they were pretty stirred up and made it difficult on us. After another hour we were driving up a fence row and just happen to look out and the Afghan Urials were standing at about 60 yards Craig waited for the rams to spread out he wanted an Afghan Urial pretty bad but didn’t need 2 of them on the wall. They finally presented a shot and Craig let the smoke fly again this time hitting the Afghan Urial ram right behind the shoulder. He ran about 50 yards and began to stumble and go down. We all watched to make sure he wasn’t going to get up and run again. As we made our way to Craig’s trophy we knew he was down and we began to celebrate. Congrats Craig on a great Afghan Urial.


  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – John Strikes Gold …Again

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    John had already taken a trophy Axis buck and a big Turkey and instead of sitting at the lodge he decided to go in search of an Aoudad. So up the mountain they went. It didn’t take long and the Aoudad started to come out to the feeder the guys were watching. Johns guides quickly pointed out this magnificent Aoudad and John made a heck of a shot. Aoudad are typically shy and reluctant to come in and when you do get a shot more often than not the Aoudad will leave you feeling like you made a bad shot as they run off. This Aoudad fell in his tracks and the guys celebrated as they knew John had just taken a great trophy Aoudad. Congrats John and can’t wait to have you guys back in camp.

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – John Strikes Free Range Gold

    Axis Hunts in Texas –


    We recently had John in camp and he was looking to hunt a good Axis buck and wanted to try to get one free range if he could. We had been seeing some nice Axis bucks on some of our free range properties and on the first day of his hunt John connected on this great buck. It is not to often that you find free range deer of this magnitude but what a great Axis buck. Congrats John on a great hunt and an awesome Axis buck !

  • Ram Hunts in Texas – A Family Affair

    Ram Hunts in Texas –

    Ram Hunts in Texas

    We recently had Doug and his boys from Missouri down to go on their first ram hunts in Texas. We started out by spot and stalk and ran across a few rams out in the pasture. Up first Dougs youngest boy made a great shot and put down a nice ram. As we made our way up to the first ram we knew the rest of the pack went up on a nearby hill. We decided to make another stalk and found the rams coming down the backside of the hill. Doug made a good shot on the second ram sending the pack back over the hill to dougs older son and my other guide. Josh quickly pointed out the ram to take and he made a good shot. In an hour of hunting we had found success on 3 Ram Hunts in Texas.


    Earlier this year we had a


  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Tough Hunting Pays Off on Free Range Aoudad

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    I have guided and been a part of a lot of exciting hunts in Texas and have seen some amazing things but this particular hunt goes down as a hunt that will never be forgotten. Dennis and his wife arrived at the ranch to undertake his first free range Auodad Hunts in Texas.  Auodad in my opinion are one if the toughest exotic animals to harvest due to their keen senses and general leery behavior. I explained to Dennis the game plan that would be set out in order to successfully complete his  Auodad hunts in Texas. Dennis is a well dedicated hunter who was not afraid of the challenge that was set before him as I told him that this would be a tough hunt, that in the end it would be well worth it. We were seeing Auodad to say the least but nothing quite big enough for Dennis to shoot as I told him to hold off we can get on something bigger. Patience is the key when it comes to hunting as hard as it may be. On the last morning of the hunt we were in the blind before daylight waiting for the feeder to go off and the wind was blowing 25 to 30 mph so I knew as I told Dennis that hunting in the blind was probably not a good idea knowing that these Auodad would be below the canyons. We got out of the blind and walked from hill to hill glassing for Aoudad and finally I spotted some ewes down below a canyon but could just see their legs and not the rest of their body. The wind blowing as hard as it was turned out to be perfect cause it allowed us to sneak closer to the edge of the bluff and waited for them to cross our path. Eagerly waiting they stepped out in front of us with a good shooter ram in the heard. I told Dennis that that was a great ram and Dennis made an excellent 125 yard free hand shot right in the neck which put him to the ground. When we finally made our way around Dennis put his hands on his first trophy Auodad, to conclude his Aoudad hunts in Texas. Congratulations Dennis and Good hunting.

    Josh Johnson

  • 4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas – Spur of the Moment Monster 4-Horn

    4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas –

    4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas

    We got a call from a friend of ours the other morning who manages a ranch down in South Texas his boss wanted to come on a 4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas. We had a few other hunts going on that morning but I new I could break away and get it done pretty quick. We made plans for him to meet us at the gate at around daylight so we could get started on his 4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas. After a quick lap around the pasture in the truck I knew with the wind the animals were probably bedded in them turned the creek so we decided to walk and see if we could jump them up. After a quick walk through we didn’t see them but once we got out to the big open field we quickly spotted them. We started the first stalk of his 4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas and the sheep were quick to run for cover. I knew they had ran up to a creek drainage were we could possibly sneak in and get the shot with the bow we were trying to get. Once we got to the edge we spotted them right below us and he drew back to ready for the shot. As the 4-horn stepped into the open he release an arrow from the string and we determined it was a miss. Now the sheep were on to us and his 4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas was about to get a lot tougher if he planned to continue with the bow. I decided I would try to get out ahead of the sheep and turn them back to the hunter and once I got them turned I looked across and he was now using his bow as a shooting stick and had the rifle up looking through the scope. As I got behind a tree the shot rang out and it sounded good. I could see 4-horn staggering and knew the shot hit home. So for a spur of the moment 4-Horn Jacobs Sheep Hunts in Texas we got in and got it done pretty quick and he was very happy with his trophy.

  • Blackbuck Hunts in Texas – Blackbuck Down

    Blackbuck Hunts in Texas –

    Blackbuck hunts in Texas

    This was a nice Blackbuck taken on a recent Blackbuck Hunts in Texas. We have a bunch of good ones left if any one is interested give us a call and we can get you booked on your Blackbuck Hunts in Texas today. We offer a summer Special on our Blackbuck Hunts in Texas as well so give us a call to discuss pricing.

  • Eland Hunts in Texas – Greg Finishes the Job

    Eland Hunts in Texas –


    I spoke with Greg on the phone in December and he asked me what the chances of getting a nice Eland Bull? I told Greg it would not be a problem and that our Eland Hunts in Texas would be the ticket to finish off his journey to kill the largest antelope in the world. We scheduled the hunt for early February. As Greg’s Eland hunts in Texas approached I had been looking around on a few of the ranches we hunt for a bull that would fit what Greg was looking for. A couple days before the hunt I spotted a bull in a herd of Eland while we were hunting Fallow deer on one of our ranches. I knew I was looking at the bull we needed to come hunt. Greg and his two buddies from Wisconsin made it into camp and we discussed the game plan and I assured Greg his Eland hunts in Texas would be a great one. As we made our way to the ranch that morning I felt confident we would be done with Greg’s Eland Hunts in Texas by noon and we would be able to go look around at some other animals. Boy was I wrong!! After a little while we found the herd of Eland After looking them over I didn’t see the bull I had wanted to go after. There were still some Eland back in the cedar break that we couldn’t see so with some strategic driving I tried to push them up into an open flat. Some went and I thought I could see the bull we were after out in the lead but I wanted to make sure. So the Eland blew through the open flat and back into thick cover. As we made our approach the big bull was standing right on the edge of the brush and was giving Greg a chance to close out his Eland hunts in Texas. Greg steadied for the shot and as he let the safety off His gun fired!!! I didn’t realize what had just happened I was looking through my binoculars at the time so all I saw was a clean miss. As the Eland ran away Greg explained to us what had happened and that the same problem he had sent the gun to a reputable gun smith to fix had not been fixed. I knew Greg was very frustrated and I felt bad for him. Greg had been to Africa twice with hopes of taking a mature Eland and never got the chance and now he had just had a gun failure at the worst time you could ever want to experience one. So I tried to calm him down and told him we would get back on them and it would be ok. We rounded the corner and the Eland were running out in front of us. As we came through some brush I quickly located the bull and pointed him out to Greg told him to get read when they stop to put one in him. The eland came to a stop and I thought Greg had made an excellent shot. The bull jumped and bucked hard. We watched them run out of sight and I thought to myself to be hit with a .375HH that bull sure didn’t look hurt! We made our way up to where the bull was standing and looked for any signs of blood. Nodda not a trace. We worked around and for a while we found nothing. Then finally we found blood where we last saw the Eland come across. A lot of emotions had taken place in the last few minutes of Greg’s Eland Hunts in Texas. We took off on the blood trail and walked for almost the width of the ranch( 2 miles) following a marginal trail of blood. About 200 yards from the Western border of the ranch we lost the trail. No more blood. Wow you can imagine how low Greg felt at that point in time. His eland Hunts in Texas had gone from good to bad to good to bad to worse in a hurry. I was racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to find the animal we wanted to get him down before he suffered any longer and didn’t want to have him die over night and have the meat spoil. So after much deliberation we decided the dogs could not be called in 1. due to the number of Coyote traps on the ranch and 2. lets face it this isn’t your typical Deer search that eland might kill a dog in a hurry if he runs up on him. Not knowing what to do except get a couple of trucks in the ranch and start driving every road and try to find him. As we rode around and it began to get dark we were back within 200 yards of where the accidental shot had gone off and about 250 yards from the shot that wounded this magnificent animal  had taken place we finally spotted a bull bedded down. As we got closer we realized this was our bull and Greg got ready to take another shot. I can tell from the look on his face after the 3rd shot at this bull finally hit the mark that Greg had been put through the ringer and after all that his bull lay dead less than 300 yards from the shot that wounded him 6 hours earlier in the day. What a day in the Texas Hill Country. An Eland hunts in Texas filled with highs and the lowest of lows had come to a close thankfully on a very high note. We all knew riding home that night with the monster Eland bull in the bed of the truck that we had gotten very lucky to find him and finish him off. Congrats Greg on your Eland Hunts in Texas I know it is a hunt you will not soon forget and neither will I.