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  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Trophy Aoudad One for the Record Books

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas are one of our most popular hunts year in year out. Be it free range Aoudad Hunts in Texas  or high fence Aoudad Hunts in Texas these are also one of the more difficult hunts we offer. Not every Aoudad Hunts in Texas is a rough and tough physical hunt that you would experience out in the depths of the West Texas mountains but they can be equally mentally draining. The Aoudad is generally a recluse and when you bugger them they can stay hidden for days. Tony was all set for his Aoudad Hunts in Texas and wanted to add another degree of difficulty by doing the hunt with the stick and string. Tony did not mind if the hunt was going to happen on a free range ranch or a high fence ranch he just wanted the biggest Aoudad he could find. We had game cam pics of 2 really big animals coming to a protein feeder on one of our ranches and we figured we could go in and set up a popup and he would be all set. Our other thought was we knew there were 2 rams in this specific pasture and he would be able to tell which one was the bigger of the 2 so to help with scent and noise and everything else we decided it would be best for him to set alone. After a couple frustrating days of hunting we knew with the driving into the area we must have had them knocked out of their normal routine but with hopes high Tony wished to stay in the blind in hopes they would come back to their daily pattern. Well on the 4th evening of the hunt in walks a lone Aoudad ram. Tony never could spot the second ram so he was unsure if this was the bigger of the two and let him walk out of the set up. A few minutes later the big boy walked back into the set up and ate again this time he came within 10 yards of the blind. By this time Tony’s nerves were about shot. Is this him? What if it isn’t! After trying to get a few text messages out with limited cell service and with none coming back to him the Aoudad walked out of the set again. Tony figured that his Aoudad Hunts in Texas was going to have to go into over time and add a few days about that time here he came back. For a third time the Aoudad came back into the set up and was so close Tony was still a little unsure of what to do but as he grabbed his bow he made his mind up that whether it was the right or wrong one it was about to be his that he couldn’t let it walk out of the set up for a third time. With a well placed shot the Aoudad ran a few yards and fell dead in the road. As we went to pick Tony up we rounded the corner and almost ran right over the toad of an Aoudad that lay dead in the road. We stopped quickly and got out to congratulate Tony on his successful Aoudad hunts in Texas. As we listened to the story of the events that unfolded that evening, we quickly realized that the Aoudad Ram  that lay before us was neither of the Aoudad from the trail cams but was an old ram that had been in that pasture for years and years we had stopped seeing him on trail cams well over a year prior to this evenings hunt. We figured he was dead or busted out and was gone either in the neighbors or the back pasture. We knew it was neither of the rams from the trail cams so we began to explain to Tony what was going on and he was kind of upset with himself for taking this ram. We tried to encourage him that the ram that he harvested on his Aoudad hunts in Texas was an absolute giant and was every bit as big or bigger than the rams from the trail cams. What Tony didn’t realize was he had just put an Arrow in the 2nd biggest Aoudad ever shot with a bow that had been measured by a Trophy Game Records of the world measurer. After a quick field score I told Tony I thought he would be pretty high in the books. After drying and doing an official tape the Aoudad will be the #2 Aoudad ever measured for TGR Taken with a bow. Congrats Tony on a fantastic animal and a great Aoudad hunts in Texas.