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  • Axis Hunts in Texas – John Strikes Free Range Gold

    Axis Hunts in Texas –


    We recently had John in camp and he was looking to hunt a good Axis buck and wanted to try to get one free range if he could. We had been seeing some nice Axis bucks on some of our free range properties and on the first day of his hunt John connected on this great buck. It is not to often that you find free range deer of this magnitude but what a great Axis buck. Congrats John on a great hunt and an awesome Axis buck !

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Chris’s Patience Pays Off

    Axis Hunts in Texas –

    Axis Hunts in Texas

    We had Chris and his brother Dan in camp this week to begin their first ever exotic hunt. The plan was for Chris to begin his Axis hunts in Texas and Dan to take a doe along the way. Chris and Dan have grown up in Colorado and have hunted Elk and deer since they where little, Being experienced hunters but never having been on a guided hunting trip both were excited for the trip to get started. The first evening we went and sat at one of our places on the Frio river to see what we could do. Well in 100 degree weather and a full moon the deer where sure to move at dark or later. So the first evening of Axis hunts in Texas was hot and the bugs were terrible. Right about dark we got up from our sit and went to pick up Dan. We didn’t hear any shots so we knew it was probably not much happening for Dan either. Well on the way to get him I decided to get the spotlight out and see what we could see. from the drive over to him we could tell the deer were starting to move. We got to Dan’s blind and got him and his first evening of Axis Hunts in Texas was pretty slow. We decided to make a pass through the front of the ranch and see if any does might be hanging out. We got back to the front and there was a nice buck with a bunch of does after a closer look I told Chris we should pass on the buck that it was early in his Axis Hunts in Texas and we could do better. After passing back through we found a good sized Axis doe and Dan bailed out and got to a rest and took a shot. She ran and we told him hit her again and he fired again and she went down. Dan was pumped he had never even seen an axis up close so he was happy to recover his doe and see how pretty she was. So with one animal down we headed back to the lodge to get her cleaned and in the cooler. The next morning we were back at the same stand hoping to see a better buck on the first morning of Chris and Dan’s Axis hunts in Texas. Dan ( Eagle Eye) spotted the axis coming up off the bottom of the field they were on track to walk across right in front of us when they froze and started acting very cautious. Sure enough I guess they spotted us or just knew something was up so the proceeded to go back into the brush. We decided to move to the upper field and try the rest of the first morning of the Axis hunts in Texas there. I made a pass through and fed corn and we drove back down to a vantage point and just used the truck as a blind. After about an hour we had seen 1 small buck and some does but not the Axis buck we were after. I decided we would go have some breakfast and maybe change things up and go try another ranch. After breakfast Chris was down with trying another ranch and so we made the hour drive up to the other ranch to continue his Axis hunts in Texas. Once we got in the pasture we spotted a group of nice Fallow bucks and Chris’s Axis hunts in Texas quickly gained options. If we had a good shot on Either species he would take it. I told him to pass on the first Fallow we came across because I knew we had some better ones in the ranch. So as we made a few passes through just trying to find some animals and get a plan of attack we jumped quite a few Fallow and Axis deer but every time it was either a small one and I would tell Chris to pass or we would be ready and the deer would never present us with an ethical shot. After a long day of hunting we found ourselves second guessing a few of the calls we had made. I told Chris be patient and we will get a good one. We decided to hit another ranch on the way home and run through with the spotlight. After a couple hours Chris told me hey man lets go get a couple hours of sleep and try again in the morning. I told him I just wanted to finish the loop we where on and then we would head out. As we topped the hill I caught a set of eyes in the distance and from the size I knew it had to be a buck. Quickly looking through the binos I could tell this was an Axis Buck we should make a move on. Chris got out and got a good rest and waited for the deer to clear the trees and give us a shot. As he stepped out he stopped and looked back and gave us a shot. Chis fired a shot and it looked like a good one but we knew the buck ran. We made our way over to the spot the deer was when we shot and started looking for blood. After about 10 minutes we found the first blood. Chris looked at me and said I don’t feel good about that! It was one drop about the size of a quarter and I knew it was not the best sign!! We fallowed a few more tiny drops and then lost it. We decided to go back and start again and now with Dan helping we got back on it. About 50 yards down the trail there was a gully the deer had to go through and as he started down the blood began to spew out of him. Good blood!! All the way down and all the way up the other side there was a foot of spray every couple of feet. That was a great feeling for me and I know it had to easy Chris’s mind. I knew he couldn’t be far. We topped the ridge and looked down the trail and could see his horn sticking up. We hunted hard on this Axis hunts in Texas and passed on some good quality animals but I think it all worked out pretty good in the end. By the time we got him gutted and loaded up and snapped a few pics it was 2 am and still had an hour drive back to the lodge.  After a bite of spaghetti we were all ready for a little sleep. Chris and Dan had came to Texas to experience their 1st Axis Hunts in Texas and had a blast and left with some great meat, some memories made, and some awesome trophies. Congrats guys on an awesome Axis Hunts in Texas!!

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Hillary Gets it Done!

    Axis Hunts in Texas –

    A little late getting this one posted but better late than never. We had the pleasure of guiding Kodi and his wife Hillary on an Axis hunt a couple weeks ago. The first morning of Hillary’s  Axis hunts in Texas started off with a bang literally when we met up and parked to get in 1 vehicle Kodi backed into a post .. well we where not going to let that damper the first morning of axis hunts in Texas so off we went to find Hillary a Trophy Axis buck. After arriving just before daylight we decided to sit in a stand we had been seeing some good axis bucks coming to in a couple previous Axis hunts in Texas. As the sun came up the wind picked up with it and I was discouraged that this area would not produce a good buck due to the wind. Well after a few minutes Hillary and I where chatting very quietly I looked up and a nice buck was chasing a doe around the Edge of a brush pile about 75 yards from the blind. About the same time I knew it was just a matter of time before he pushed her over into our wind. Well of course that was what happened and we where busted. Tim and Kodi where up the hill watching the area behind us in case they came there Tim could text me and we could try to stalk over to them. Well Tim sent me a text that they where still feeding down behind us and we could probably stalk in on them.  About that time I notice a spider crawling across the side of the blind. Black spider with a red hour glass on his back well it didn’t take a second glance and I notice another one on the side of the blind next to Hillary and she sees one right over my head. Well I’m generally not to worried about things but being surrounded by Black Widows was enough for Hillary to be ready to make an exit and I was not to far behind her!! So we decided to stalk down and see if we could get on the buck. We got to the are the guys had seen him and I spotted him walinkg into a small sliver of brush. Things where heating up on the first morning of Axis hunts in Texas. We worked our way up to a position that if they crossed the road we would be able to get a shot. Well after a minute or so they started to file across the road. After a hard look I decided the buck was not a shooter and decided we would ride around and see what we could find. We made our way around to a big opening in the pasture and a big cedar break along the back side. We spotted axis making their way across and I told Tim to drop Hillary and me there and to run up ahead of them to try to get them to turn back. Well the plan worked and they came to about 50 yards and gave us a good look. Well I didn’t like the buck in this group I thought we could do better. So The axis hunts in Texas was off to a pretty good start just hadn’t found the right deer. So off we went to keep plugging away. By this time it was starting to get late in the morning and  the temperature was starting to warm up as well. I knew there had been a big group of does hanging out up in a shady cactus flat and figured with the buck running the doe earlier in the day that maybe a buck would be hanging out with the group of does. As we pulled around the barn into the flat we saw the does and then we spotted him!!! Right away we knew it was one we where after. Hillary slid across the back seat and got her gun out the window and we told her go ahead and take him. We knew there was not going to be any chance of getting out to stalk him and she had no problem shooting from the truck. The buck was frozen thinking we couldn’t see him if he didn’t move I guess. Well Hillary put a great shot on him and he fell in his tracks. Great shot and an Awesome deer down on Hillary’s First morning of Axis Hunts in Texas !! Congrats Hillary on an awesome Axis hunts in Texas can’t wait to have you guys back in the future!!

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Hugh Takes a Nice Axis Buck

    Axis hunts in TexasAxis Hunts in Texas

    Hugh had been in camp for a couple of days and had already harvested a Trophy Aoudad. Hugh asked what else we could do and if I thought we could get an Axis with his crossbow. I told him we could give it a shot. After a full day of axis hunts in Texas we finally got a a deer in an are of the ranch we could push him down in front of Hugh and he could possibly get a shot off with the crossbow. So I got out of the truck and started walking while Tim took Hugh up to the are we thought the Axis Buck would cross giving us the best shot. Sure enough after a couple of minutes the Buck appeared and was slowly making his way to the hunter and his guide. At about 20 yards Hugh let a bolt fly. The buck kept going. We met back up and searched the area for blood. Nothing found so we decided that was going to be our best chance at it with a crossbow and with just a little time left to hunt that day Hugh decided to break out the rifle to try to finish his Axis hunts in Texas. After a couple more hours we finished off the day of Axis hunts in Texas without any luck. We made it home to the lodge that evening and came up with a plan for the next morning. Hugh had to be at the airport by 3:30 to check guns and get through security to catch his flight home. So we had a half day of Axis hunts in Texas to put Hugh on a buck and make it back in time to catch his flight. We made it to one of our ranches and as we drove in just after daylight we could see a bunch of Axis working the ridge off the main road. We made a plan and decided to set up in front of them and let them work across in front of us. The planned worked and this buck stepped out and Hugh made a good shot on him. Congrats Hugh on a successful Axis Hunts in Texas.

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Morris Gets a Nice Free Range Buck

    Axis Hunts in Texas –

    Axis Hunts in Texas

    Memorial day weekend found Morris and his son from Tomball TX back for more Axis Hunts in Texas. Tim Would be guiding the hunt and they would be after a trophy buck and an axis doe for meat. On the first evening they saw many axis bucks just where not positioned right to get in range. As the evening drew to a close the opportunity came to go ahead and harvest a doe. The next morning the decision was made to go back and reposition and hopefully get a shot on the Axis from the first evening. Half way through Morris’ Axis hunts in Texas they had seen 2 shooter bucks that they couldn’t get a shot on so the decision was made to stalk in on a bedding area and see if they could make it happen. So Tim guided Morris in to the area and they slowly made their way through the brush. Tim spotted a buck bedded down ahead of them. It was determined to be a shooter buck and all that was left was for Morris to make the shot. After a few minutes the Axis buck stood up Giving Morris a shot and The Axis hunts in Texas came to a close. Congrats Morris on a great Axis Hunts in Texas.


  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Buddy Gets a Nice One

    Axis Hunts in Texas


    As axis season gets into full swing we are still seeing some good deer to hunt. Buddy from East Texas was in camp this weekend and was here to try his luck at Axis hunts in Texas. We started out in the high fence early Saturday morning and looked over a couple nice Axis bucks before it started to get super hot. We noticed the wind was blowing pretty hard and we figured the axis deer would not be moving as well as normal, that proved to be the case. We would see a few deer here and there while driving but on a normal Axis Hunts in Texas we would be seeing more than that. So we decided we would hunt till the heat sat in and the go break for lunch and check a couple other places. We hunted and stalked a few deer but decided we would look around. Saturday evening we decided to sit at a protein feeder on one of our low fence places that we have been catching 4 big bucks on game camera on a pretty regular basis. After a couple hours of sitting and only seeing whitetail and hogs we decided to go spotlight a couple fields that are normal axis feeding grounds. Buddy’s Axis Hunts in Texas was going to be cut short he informed us he needed to leave by noon on Sunday to get back for work on Monday. So after a long evening we decided to turn in and get to the high fenced pasture early to try and catch some Axis out feeding before the wind kicked up. So as we drove into the pasture we came around a bend in the rode and could see Axis working their way through the short oaks. After a quick look with the binoculars we determined there was a shooter in the pack. As we made our way down the hill the Axis bucks turned to run but Buddy was ready. The first shot was a little back but managed to bring down the big buck. We kept making our way down the ridge and found the buck trying to get away. As the Axis Buck came back to his feet Buddy let another shot ring out. This time the rifle did the job and the buck went down for good. Congrats Buddy on your successful Axis Hunts in Texas.

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Monster Axis buck Down

    Axis Hunts in TexasAxis Hunts in Texas


    Last weekend of April Found us helping one of our landowners with a group of hunters and Axis hunts in Texas was on the menu to start off the hunt. After looking over some Great Axis bucks Kent decided the giant typical Axis Buck was the one he wanted to go after. The next morning Kent had his chance and took it. After the shot it was realized it was a little low and so the decision was made to back out and give him time to lay down and expire. So Kent’s Axis hunts in Texas was in limbo. Kent’s gut was in knots and as the wait continued the decision was made to call in a professional deer tracker. Once the dog was turned lose on the trail Kent’s Axis Hunts in Texas quickly came to a close. When there is a doubt always do the right thing and do everything you can to recover the animal whether it is an absolute trophy as was the case with Kent’s Axis hunts in Texas or even on a doe. A big thanks goes out to A.J. Minns for Coming out on a Sunday morning in the heat and using his dogs to find Kent’s Trophy. Congrats Ken on a Great Axis hunts in Texas And pending top 10 TGR Typical Axis Buck.

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Mark Gets His Axis

    Axis Hunts in TexasAxis Hunts in Texas


    Mark was also down with dave hunting Aoudad on our main ranch. After Dave took his trophy Axis Mark thought he would give our Axis hunts in Texas a shot as well. After a long day of hunting with no Aoudad giving him a shot. Guides Tim and Josh spotted this fine Axis buck standing through the brush at about 150 yards. Mark decided this was going to be his best chance to fulfill his Axis Hunts in Texas and made an incredible shot. After looking back Mark had a small window through the cedar to take a shot and placed the bullet perfectly in the Axis deers shoulder. So after a long day of hunting Mark had successfully completed his Axis hunts in Texas with this beautiful 35.5 inch Axis Buck. Congrats mark and once again we cant wait to have you back next year for another go at Aoudad.

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – Axis in Velvet

    Axis Hunts in Texas – Axis Hunts in Texas


    Dave was recently down to try Axis hunts in Texas. After a slow morning on the first day of his hunt we jumped a very large Axis Buck. As it slipped into the brush we came up with a plan to get the deer out in the open for a shot. After Tim got the hunter set up in position I slipped around through the brush and the Axis slipped through the cut Tim had set the hunter up on. With a walking shot Dave squeezed the trigger and made a perfect shot on this 34.5 inch Axis Buck on the first day of his Axis Hunts in Texas. Congrats on your successful Axis hunts in Texas Dave can’t wait to have you back next year for Aoudad.

  • Axis hunts in Texas – A February Surprise

    Axis hunts in Texas –

    Axis hunts in Texas

    Bryan was down at the ranch for his share in the ram hunt and Gary had put the hunt together and wanted to get Bryan an exotic to boot. Gary had told me a good Axis or Fallow would do the trick so we set out with Either on the mind.  It flopped from Axis hunts in Texas to Fallow hunts in Texas a couple times and we had shot at a nice fallow on one of our ranches and missed. We had seen some nice axis as well but we decided to go over to one of our ranches the guys had labeled the “petting zoo.” We left one ranch and went to have a bite to eat and decided to move over to the other ranch. We got there and as we drove in we went by the house to let the owner know we were there. We proceeded to drive into the pasture and about the time we rounded the barn The hunt had turned back to Axis hunts in Texas. There were 6-7 does and one super nice buck in front of us about 100 yards. Hadn’t seen a hard horned Axis in this ranch in a month. And there is a beautiful 34 inch Axis buck standing in front of  us. One you didn’t even have to pick up the binoculars to know that the hunter should be slinging lead! Shoot him I think everyone in the truck said it multiple times. Finally the buck turned back to give Bryan a quartering shot and he took it. Bryan nice shooting my friend. Cant wait to have the cajun transplants back in camp they were fun to hunt with. Axis hunts in Texas will keep you on your toes. You hunt hard all day and then you pull around the barn and the deer are standing right there. Never know how it will work out.