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  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Darrel Tackles the Mountain

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    Darrel had been on the hunt with Joe and Efrain in October of 2013 when Efrain scored on a nice Aoudad ram on the first day of the hunt. On the first hunt Darrel was hunting on a location that took some nerve just to get up to the spot to sit and look for the Aoudad. On the 2nd or 3rd morning on the first hunt Darrel made a misstep and found him self sliding and rolling down the mountain. Darrel wasn’t to keen on going back to that location but we knew there were big Aoudad in the area so he decided to try to tackle the mountain again. This time it only took one trip up and Darrel was rewarded for his daring climb with a pretty darn nice Free range Aoudad. Congrats Darrel on a great trophy Aoudad and for surviving the mountain 1 last time.

  • Aoudad Hunts In Texas – Gary’s Aoudad Round Two



    Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Gary Was back in camp this weekend for round 2 against the free range Aoudad. Gary had come down in May and hunted Aoudad but was unsuccessful in fulfilling his dream of shooting an Aoudad. After the May hunt we told Gary and Nancy to come back in October and we would let him try again. So Gary made his way back to Central Texas from Colorado. Gary had so much fun on the first trip down he was able to talk his son and grandson into coming and joining him for some Exotic hunting. We had been monitoring the game cameras very closely keeping an eye on the Aoudad so we had a plan to sit in a specific blind the first evening. Tommy would be guiding this hunt so once Gary was ready they set out for the blind. As they got settled into the blind they immediately had pigs in on the feeder. After a little while they could hear something coming. When they looked left and a beautiful Aoudad stood there at about 20 yards from the blind staring at the hunter. Gary doesn’t have the range of motion or the ability to adjust the way most people do. The pigs where still at the feeder so the Aoudad wasn’t going to go down the hill to the feeder. So as fast as the Aoudad came he turned and walked away leaving that empty pit in Gary’s stomach. The two hunters where thinking they needed the pigs to leave because they could hear the Aoudad pacing the hillside just out of view. On our ranch normally the pigs come out right at dark and are very nervous. These hogs came in broad daylight and stayed at the feeder for 3 hours. Even kicking the blind or making a little noise didn’t do the trick. So as the evening wore on it was more of the same the Aoudad would make his way to the edge of the brush line to see if the pigs had left and each time he found them still under the feeder and would not come out and give the hunters a shot. So darkness finally fell on the hunters and they made their way back to the lodge to share their experience from the evening hunt. As day 2 began bright and early it was back in the same blind hoping the Aoudad would show himself again and this time give the hunters a shot. Not much moving on morning number 2 a couple whitetails and some young aoudad made their way to the feeder and through the stand. No sign of a shooter aoudad the hunters were looking for. So it was time for Breakfast and a little relaxation till the evening hunt. As we took the hunters to the blinds on evening number 2 we decided a couple of us should set at other blinds on the ranch to see if the big Aoudad showed up. After a couple hours in the stand nothing was stirring no deer, no birds even. Pretty strange we were thinking maybe they are coming late or something? So we decided to check cameras again and try to find were the big Aoudad might be coming. Day 3 broke with optimism fading and the thoughts of running to one of our high fence places where starting to creep in. Gary’s son and grandson had made it in last night for dinner and I was going to be taking them to go look at blackbuck antelope. When the morning hunt was over and by the time everyone got back to the lodge hope had all but faded. Gary had been in this situation on the previous hunt and he knew how elusive a free range Aoudad could be. So after lunch we had a meeting of the brains and decided to hunt for the Aoudad 1 more sit at our place and then go to another ranch to look at aoudad the next day. At about 6:45 that evening I got the text we had been waiting since May to see. Aoudad down!! We knew Gary and his guide would not be able to load the aoudad alone so we told them to hang tight and we would come up top and take some pics and help load him. A little patience finally paid off. Congrats Gary it was a long time coming we hope to have you guys back in the future.