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  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – A Family Outing

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas –

    We had a few late season MLD Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Chris had his youngsters down for their first Whitetail hunts in Texas. Everyone managed to take a nice buck on these hunts and I am pretty sure we have some future hunters on our hands here. Can’t wait to have these guys back in camp for more whitetail hunts in Texas.

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Lester and a Pretty Nice Whitetail

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Lester and a Pretty Nice Whitetail

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Lester was along with the guys from Clean Blast from Louisiana and he also intended to take a nice whitetail and Axis if the opportunity presented itself. After the first evening of whitetail hunts in Texas Lester and his guide Josh Johnson had seen some good bucks but nothing special like Lester was after on his whitetail hunts in Texas. So he was along with us on day 2 in the high fence. On the evening hunt we had 3 hunters out and one was bow hunting. At around 5:00 we heard a gunshot and then I got the Text Jay and I were hunting a big 11 point well Lester was in a blind about a mile from where we had been seeing the big 11 and he had just shot him. So about that time a nice 10 point stepped out and Jay decided since the big 11 was no longer available that this 10 pointer would do. So he took a shot and dropped him. We loaded him and we couldn’t wait to hear the story behind Lester’s whitetail hunts in Texas. As we approached Josh and Lester were getting out of the blind and so we drove down to where the big buck was down. Josh started to tell the story us what had gone down on Lester’s whitetail hunts in Texas and it was good thinking by the guide. The noticed the deer come out of the brush on the ridge behind them and he was not going to go to the feeder. Instead he was heading right through the area and Josh grunted at him. No Response so he grunted again louder and still no response. So Josh gave him a snort wheeze as the deer went through the last opening. The big buck stopped in his tracks and Lester squeezed the trigger. The rest is history. Lester was successful on his whitetail hunts in Texas. Congrats Lester and a great example of a guide doing a good job for his client.

  • Whitetail hunts in Texas – A Guides Day Off

    Whitetail hunts in Texas – A lot of hunters ask me if I still hunt much since I am with clients or guiding hunts most of the time? My answer is always ” As much as I can without getting my self in too much trouble with the wife and kids. I recently got a Mathews Z-7 Extreme and I have been punching holes in the target with it but I have not taken it out on any Whitetail hunts in Texas. Archery Season for whitetail hunts in Texas opened up at the beginning of the month of October  and we were at Antelope camp in the panhandle of Texas, Then we have just been busy with other hunts in Texas since we have been home so I have not gotten a chance to go test the new equipment on a whitetail hunts in Texas. After youth weekend I knew we would slack off a little and I might get a chance to sneak out Monday and Tuesday to the in-laws and put the new bow to the test. When I left the ranch to head home I knew I might get a chance to go sit maybe for an evening whitetail hunts in Texas so I grabbed a pop-up blind and headed home. Monday morning I went and visited My wife’s grandparents and got the go ahead on setting up a blind and trying to hunt a little. Once I got in the pasture I drove around a little and scouted to see if there where any rubs or places I could visibly see were the deer where traveling. After a few minutes I found a good spot that had a couple of scrapes and I could see a lot of tracks on the path going through the area. I had my spot, got the blind set up and I was ready to go. After lunch and doing a little work I got into the blind about 4 pm. As I made my way down to the blind I poured a little strip of corn down the trail just to get the deer to stop if the came down the trail. My archery whitetail hunts in Texas had begun and no sooner than I sat down in the pop-up blind I had deer coming down the trail a buck no less. I draw my bow….. Ah I can’t shoot the first deer I see so I let it down. After a few minutes I had 10 or so deer in front of me and the buck was milling around eating corn. By the time I talked myself into shooting the buck he was working a tree line away from me. Well that is the way it goes. Should have shot him but I had a couple of hours left of my first day of whitetail hunts in Texas so I was trying not to beat myself up to bad. Well after the neighbor firing up the tractor and the road crew doing work on the road a couple hundred yards away I did not see much else besides does and a couple little yearling bucks. As I crawled out of the blind I could see the big buck on the other side of the field and I knew if I came back out in the morning I would get another crack at him. So now I just had to get out of taking the kids to school in the morning!!!

      Whitetail Hunts in Texas Day 2 – Well the wife and I played let’s make a deal and so I was able to make it back to the blind for day 2. Again I put the corn out like day one and about the time I got settled in I already had deer in front of me. It was still dark but with the full moon I could determine what I was looking at through the binoculars. I had 8 doe and a 4 point buck in front of me. As daylight broke I could hear a buck grunting next to the blind. Close.. very close. I got still as I could hear the footsteps. There he was the buck from the previous evenings hunt was close enough I could have reached out the window and poked him with an arrow. He fed over to the corn strip and I had him at 20 yards. As I drew back there was a doe that I could not see the blew and ran out in front of the blind stomping her feet. I got my pin fixed on the deers shoulder and let it rip. Well I guess I was not holding high enough and the arrow skipped off the window of the pop up off into never find that arrow land!! Well shucks that sums up my luck most of the time. If I didn’t have bad luck I would not have any at all. Or so I thought. I caught movement out behind a brush pile and out stepped my buck at about 60 yards. and then he disappeared back into the brush. Well I thought maybe I ought to give it up and head home with nothing to show for my whitetail hunts in Texas. About the time I was reaching for my bag to start packing away my gear to head out I hear that same little grunt I had heard earlier in the hunt. The buck came back in on the same path he used earlier in the morning and walked to about 40 yards and turned around and stared me down. After what seamed to have been 10 minutes he put his head down and turned broadside. I came to full draw once again and settled the pin on his heart. This time Whop!! no doubt on that contact. The Whitetail buck kicked hard and took off on a full run. A watched as he went around out of sight. I waited about 30 minutes till I got out of the blind and went to retrieve my arrow and start to look for blood. “No problem blood trailing this deer” I thought to myself as I looked at the arrow and the ground were the Whitetail buck had been standing. Off I went following the red patches across the field. I got to the brush at our property line and followed the blood through the brush, over the fence and across the county road. Hmm I replayed the impact over in my mind and everything looked good. One tough deer to take a good pass through shot and run this far. I figured I better go back to Omie and Opie’s house and make sure whose land was across the road and make some calls to try to get permission to retrieve my deer. Better to be on the safe side and do things the right way as opposed to going  across private property searching for a wounded deer. I walked in the front door and I told Opie ” well I got good news and bad news” Oh Hell was his reply. I explained to him what had happened and told him where I had stopped and he said yes lets call them and we will get it figured out. So after some phone calls I had permission to retrieve the deer. I got back to the fence post I had marked where the blood was and jumped over. The next 20 yards or so it was like someone had spilled a can of red paint. I knew the buck couldn’t be far. I got around a cedar bush and there he was. He had expired just out of sight from the fence. After tagging him and dragging him back to the truck I looked at the shot and the Z-7 Extreme from Mathews had hit home The deer had run probably 200 yards after all was said and done. I was off to snap a couple of pictures and get the deer skinned and put in the cooler. After looking back on my whitetail hunts in Texas I felt good about being able to go into a property and scout and get the job done. I always try to fallow all the laws and game laws when I am hunting and some people probably would not have taken the time to get all the permissions needed in a situation like that but it is the best thing to do. When you are dealing with private property it is best to do everything you can to receive permission to continue tracking a wounded animal across property lines. Some people are not as understanding when you just go and do but by making a couple of quick phone calls I was able to get permission and get in and get retrieve my deer on my whitetail hunts in Texas. After a successful whitetail hunts in Texas I  Can’t wait for the next time I have a couple of days and I can get back in the woods and do some whitetail hunts in Texas. We still have a few openings for Whitetail hunts in Texas so if anyone is interested they can contact me for info and pricing or just check the featured hunts specials on the home page for Whitetail hunts in Texas pricing.

  • South Texas Management Whitetail Hunts in Texas

    South Texas Management Whitetail Hunts in Texas

    Will Bild Jameson of Georgia came back down to Texas but this time he brought his son Triston with him.  Triston was PUMPED UP to get a chance at a nice South Texas whitetail.  Joseph Johnson was guiding Bill and Triston for the weekend and had them set up on a couple nice bucks that were coming in at a hot spot in South Texas.

    When the opportunity finally presented itself for Triston to take his first whitetail buck…he was shaking like a leaf on a tree.  When Joe and Bill gave him the go ahead, Triston put the cross hairs on the buck and made him a superstar!











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