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  • Blackbuck Hunts in Texas – Blackbuck Down

    Blackbuck Hunts in Texas –

    Blackbuck hunts in Texas

    This was a nice Blackbuck taken on a recent Blackbuck Hunts in Texas. We have a bunch of good ones left if any one is interested give us a call and we can get you booked on your Blackbuck Hunts in Texas today. We offer a summer Special on our Blackbuck Hunts in Texas as well so give us a call to discuss pricing.

  • Blackbuck Hunts in Texas – Gary gets his Blackbuck

    Blackbuck Hunts in Texas –

    After Gary had finished up his Aoudad hunt we had been talking about possibly looking at blackbuck hunts in Texas. So while Paul was hunting Sika Tim and I took Gary to look at blackbuck on his blackbuck hunts in Texas. We ran across a good blackbuck up in the front of the ranch and Tim and Gary took off to try and put a stalk on him to start Gary’s blackbuck hunts in Texas. I pulled the truck down a road into the brush to wait and see if they were able to stalk on the blackbuck hunts in Texas. After a few minutes I caught movement and the Blackbuck had turned back and gotten around the hunters without them seeing him. So I drove down to pick them up. They never saw him slip by so I drove them in the direction I had seen the Blackbuck go. We got back to the lodge and there he was standing at the feeder in the yard pasture. We tried to get out and get on him but he was not having any of that. The Blackbuck and his doe slipped under the fence into another pasture. We took the long way around trying to catch up to them without spooking them to bad on Gary’s blackbuck hunts in Texas. As we made our way around we finally spotted them feeding across a pasture. The buck was standing broadside and Gary got out and readied for a shot. Tim got a range and it was 210 yards. Gary pulled the trigger and the blackbuck took off not appearing to be hit. We followed and he ran down into the pasture and into some brush. We talked about it and realized he was not hit so we took off looking for him again. About this time was also when we spooked the Sika buck Paul was after so we knew being as far away from Paul’s feeder as he was the Sika were probably not going to make it over there before dark. So we went to get him and decided we should call it a day and go have dinner. Next morning we got Paul’s Sika buck out of the way and then focused on Gary’s Blackbuck Hunts in Texas. After lunch Tim and I decided to push the corner we had seen the buck go into earlier in the day. Tim and I walked the brush and made our way back to the truck as we approached the hunters we could see they were looking down the lane at some does we stopped and glassed and here came the buck. Gary readied the shot and squeezed off a round. The Blackbuck dropped in his tracks. We drove over and found him in the tall weeds. Gary’s blackbuck hunts in Texas came to a successful close and it was time to head for the skinnig rack. Gary thanks for coming back for the Aoudad and blackbuck can’t wait for you and Coby to make it back down for some more hunts.

  • Blackbuck Hunts in Texas – Andrea’s Bonus hunt

    Blackbuck Hunts in Texas –

    Andrea had already taken a very nice Trophy Axis buck on the first day of her Hunts in Texas so she wanted to go after a couple more animals if she got the opportunity. Don was focusing on a Sika buck we had been seeing pretty regular on game camera so Andrea and her guide Tim went and sat in another blind to see what would come in. Don and I were in a stand about a half a mile from Andrea and we heard a shot. We texted them and asked if that was them and got the reply ” nope must be the neighbors.” So Don and I continued to hunt. Little did we know Andrea had already completed her Blackbuck hunts in Texas. We had been seeing a couple real nice blackbuck on this property and Andrea had managed to take one on her first day of blackbuck hunts in Texas. Well a little while later we hear another shot and this one I figured had to be Andrea but we got the same reply. Well little did we know Andrea had moved on from Blackbuck Hunts in Texas to Whitetail hunts in Texas. So Don and I had seen a few deer and light was closing pretty fast. We walked back to the truck and started heading over to the Stand we had sat Andrea and Tim for her Blackbuck hunts in Texas. As we pulled into the stand we could see Andrea had been sucsesful on her blackbuck hunts in Texas, The black buck was down probably 30 yards from the blind. We got out and congratulated her on her trophy. As we were getting ready to load the blackbuck Andrea had taken on her blackbuck hunts in Texas Andrea asked me what county we were in? I informed her she didn’t need the county info for her license with exotic animals. Andrea said well we need it for the whitetail we shot after we got the blackbuck. Don and I looked at each other and I looked at Tim… Well she was going to let it walk but couldn’t. Congrats Andrea on two fine animals! We tagged the whitetail and loaded both animals and headed for the skinning rack. Thanks Andrea and congrats on two great animals.