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  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – A Family Outing

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas –

    We had a few late season MLD Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Chris had his youngsters down for their first Whitetail hunts in Texas. Everyone managed to take a nice buck on these hunts and I am pretty sure we have some future hunters on our hands here. Can’t wait to have these guys back in camp for more whitetail hunts in Texas.

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – John and His Last Minute Management Buck

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas – John and His Last Minute Management Buck

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    John from North Carolina had been calling looking to book his whitetail hunts in Texas. We had discussed his options for Whitetail hunts in Texas, And we had a couple if he could make it to Texas before the end of the north season then we would hunt there if not we would go south and try and get a south Texas management deer. John decided he would rather hunt South Texas regardless for his whitetail hunts in Texas and John said he was planning to drive down and he would call me when he got close. After finishing up some other hunts John called and said he was in San Antonio and was ready for his Whitetail hunts in Texas to begin. I instructed John to head south on 35 and I would meet him in Pearsall and we would continue south to the ranch in Laredo. So after meeting up With John we set out to walmart to get John legal for his Whitetail hunts in Texas. Back on the road we hurried to get to the ranch so we could go sit for the first evening of John’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. Upon arrival at the ranch we had other hunters in camp as well so we made all the introductions and got John Settled in the lodge. Once John was ready we set off for the blinds. First evening we saw a few deer and some Javelina but nothing we were looking for to fulfill John’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. On the first morning of John’s Whitetail hunts in Texas we went back to the same location because the previous group had seen a really big 9 point high 130” class deer in the area and I wanted to get John a good look at that deer. So after a couple hours we had seen some smaller young deer but no deer that caught John’s eye to complete his whitetail hunts in Texas. After the first 2 sits I could somewhat see a pattern the deer where in and I knew it was going to be one of those hunts where it might take a little luck to get the deal done for John on his whitetail hunts in Texas. The deer were moving at first and last light and then it was pretty slow after that. So we moved around a little over the next couple days and we began to hunt a popup that had been productive throughout the season. We had taken 4-5 deer from that stand already and well I guess when you got a hot stand you might as well hunt it. So John was feeling the pressure after 5 sits we were down to his last morning and had seen glimpses of shooter deer but either to early or late to tell exactly what you were looking at. Places like this ranch you have to be on the safe side or your pocket book could get a lot lighter in a hurry if you catch my drift. John was on a management hunt which meant any deer under 140” that was 4 ½ years or older. So back to the last morning of John’s Whitetail hunts in Texas, we got to the blind and for the last 5-6 days it had been very cold and this morning was much the same. We got into the blind and settled in for the sit. After a few minutes we had enough light we could make out shapes down the road in front of the feeder. We could tell there was a buck standing there but how big how many points? As it got a little lighter we could tell it was the 10 pointer we had an encounter with earlier in the hunt. On day 2 of John’s whitetail hunts in Texas we had this 10 pointer come in at 50 yards and stared into the blind at us. After not being able to move to position the gun the deer spooked and ran off. So we knew this deer would be on the lookout. As we contemplated if this was the deer that would finish off John’s hunt we noticed a doe was about to bust us. John said he was good with that buck so he quickly readied his rifle. By this time the buck was on high alert and as getting ready to bolt. I told John to wait for him to turn so he could have a good broadside shot but John replied “ I can hit him in the neck” by the time I got the o in OK out of my mouth the shot had found its mark. The deer Collapsed in his tracks and John’s whitetail hunts in Texas had come to a close. So it came down to the last sit of the hunt but John’s whitetail hunts in Texas was a success. Congrats on a great deer John look forward to hunting with you in the future.

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Michigan Father and Son Hunt

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Michigan Father and Son Hunt

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Al and his son Matt made their way from Michigan to enjoy some whitetail hunts in Texas. On the first morning of their whitetail hunts in Texas Al took a very nice 9 point buck. Now it was time to focus on Matt’s whitetail hunts in Texas. We had been hunting hard and sitting in the blind every evening and every morning and Matt was ready for a big Texas buck to come out and give him a good shot. On the last morning of the hunt Matt pulled the trigger on a young deer and closed out his whitetail hunts in Texas. I think all the predator calling at night had Matt pretty tired and he was ready to get his deer. Great hunt and look forward to Al coming back to Texas in the future.

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Fred and His Foggy Morning Buck

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Fred and His Foggy Morning Buck

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Fred was a guest with the Clean Blast group and found success on the 3rd day of his Whitetail hunts in Texas. It was a foggy morning and we sat Fred in the blind and told him there had been a big 9 point and a good 10 point coming to the stand every day and that either buck would be a great trophy. I pulled away from the blind with the other hunter and knew Fred would find some luck on his whitetail hunts in Texas. A few minutes after daylight I heard a shot. I was in the stand with one of the other hunters and I got a text. Fred had taken a big 8 or 9 point and was just going to stay in the blind till we came and got him. As we were sitting in the blind he began to text me the story of his whitetail hunts in Texas. He began by cussing the fog and then was explaining how it was coming in waves and every time a lane opened in the fog he could see deer very close to him. As it lightened up he could see a big buck chasing a doe on the horizon then it fogged up again. A couple seconds later a wave of clear and the buck had worked the doe to within 50 yards of the blind on his morning whitetail hunts in Texas. He could see the next wave of fog coming so he readied his rifle and took a shot while he could still see. Down he went the buck had dropped. After I was finished with the morning hunt we went to get Fred and see his buck. Very nice 8 point had completed Fred’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. Congrats Fred on a nice buck.

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Lester and a Pretty Nice Whitetail

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Lester and a Pretty Nice Whitetail

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Lester was along with the guys from Clean Blast from Louisiana and he also intended to take a nice whitetail and Axis if the opportunity presented itself. After the first evening of whitetail hunts in Texas Lester and his guide Josh Johnson had seen some good bucks but nothing special like Lester was after on his whitetail hunts in Texas. So he was along with us on day 2 in the high fence. On the evening hunt we had 3 hunters out and one was bow hunting. At around 5:00 we heard a gunshot and then I got the Text Jay and I were hunting a big 11 point well Lester was in a blind about a mile from where we had been seeing the big 11 and he had just shot him. So about that time a nice 10 point stepped out and Jay decided since the big 11 was no longer available that this 10 pointer would do. So he took a shot and dropped him. We loaded him and we couldn’t wait to hear the story behind Lester’s whitetail hunts in Texas. As we approached Josh and Lester were getting out of the blind and so we drove down to where the big buck was down. Josh started to tell the story us what had gone down on Lester’s whitetail hunts in Texas and it was good thinking by the guide. The noticed the deer come out of the brush on the ridge behind them and he was not going to go to the feeder. Instead he was heading right through the area and Josh grunted at him. No Response so he grunted again louder and still no response. So Josh gave him a snort wheeze as the deer went through the last opening. The big buck stopped in his tracks and Lester squeezed the trigger. The rest is history. Lester was successful on his whitetail hunts in Texas. Congrats Lester and a great example of a guide doing a good job for his client.

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Big Joe & Little Joe on the Hunt

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas –


    Big Joe was back in Texas for Whitetail hunts in Texas. This year he brought his Son along with him to try to get a good buck on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. Joe and Tim would be guiding Joe and his son on this hunt and they hoped to find some good deer for Big Joe and Little Joe to look over on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. The first day Joe picked the guys up at the airport and got them out to the lodge to get settled in and get ready for the evening hunt. Once everyone was ready the headed out with high hopes to fill their tags on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. First evening was a little slow. The guys saw a few deer but nothing the guys were wanting to shoot on the first day of their whitetail hunts in Texas. After dinner everyone settled in at the lodge and got ready for day two of Whitetail hunts in Texas.  After a good nights sleep the guys were back at it in the morning. Again it was a little slow. The weather was a little warm but there were some changes in sight on the weather front and with a front barreling towards us we knew the deer would be responding to the weather. That evening the guides decided to go into a pasture that had not been hunted and hoped the deer would be moving better. As the Whitetail hunts in Texas continued the guys spotted a nice buck and wanted to try to stalk in for a better look. As they got big Joe closer in on the deer they could tell it was the type of deer they were after on Joe’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. Joe Prepared for the shot and waited for the buck to turn broadside. As he turned and offered a shot Joe put a great shot on his whitetail and the buck ran a few steps and fell in some brush. The guides gave him a few minutes and then they went over to look at Big Joe’s trophy. After a few pictures they loaded the deer and headed for the skinning rack. After skinning it was time to focus on Little Joe’s deer and he wanted to out do his dad so the guides knew they were in for a challenge. After a long afternoon of hunting and passing on a few nice deer the light faded on day two of Little Joe’s Whitetail hunts in Texas. After returning to the lodge they guys got some news that The hunters flights had been changed and they would only be able to hunt till around noon on day 3 so we knew we needed to get in early and try to get Little Joe on a good buck. We decided The best way to go about this was to walk the pasture and try to push the deer through a pinch point. We got Joes and his guide Tim set up on the spot and the rest of us began our push. We pushed a few deer down to them but not the deer we were looking for. After that we were driving back the front of the pasture and saw a nice 10 point walking down the fenceline. We called tim and told him to get in position ahead of us and we would funnel them down to them. As we made the push We noticed the deer cut in front of us and luckily Tim caught them and repositioned. Tim and little Joe closed the distance and got set up for the shot. Little Joe settled the crosshairs on the big bucks shoulder and squeezed a shot off. Last day… Last couple of minutes and Little Joe had found success on his whitetail hunts in Texas. Congrats guys on 2 fine Whitetail bucks. Good to have you guys back we are looking forward to year three of Whitetail hunts in Texas with Big Joe and Little Joe.

  • Whitetail Hunts In Texas – Eddie and Merryl’s Whitetail Hunt

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas –

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Eddie and Merryl made their way to central Texas from western Louisiana for their Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Upon arrival we took got Merryl and Eddie settled in the lodge and Eddie wanted to shoot his rifle to make sure it was still on after the trip. After a quick trip to the range we confirmed Eddie’s rifle was on target and Merryl was pretty confident her rifle was on so she declined to shoot. So with everything ready to go for their Whitetail hunts in Texas it was just a waiting game till it was time to go out to the blinds and get them started on their Whitetail hunts in Texas. We decided since we had a front blowing in that it might be good to go sit a little early in hopes to catch a buck cruising for doe. Around 2 that afternoon we set out and kicked off Eddie and Merryl’s Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Eddie and Merryl wanted to sit together for the first evening of whitetail hunts in Texas and we decided to go to a remote stand we had been catching a few game cam pics of a good Whitetail buck. We quickly found out that Merryl would rather hunt the flat country in the front of the ranch than venture up the mountain. She toughed it out the first evening and we made our way up the mountain and down into the next valley. We pulled up to a blind and I instructed them on a few of the rules we have on the ranch like to stay in the blind even if you shoot and I wished them luck and made my way out of the area. As I made my way back to pick up the hunters at dark I had to drive past the feeder and I noticed there was still corn on the ground. I figured they must have shot early on their first whitetail hunts in Texas or they must not have seen much on their whitetail hunts in texas . Well it turns out it was the latter. No deer were seen and I was disappointed because generally that stand is productive. We made our way back to the lodge and It turned out our cook had the night off so we went to town and had dinner. After a quick bite we got back to the lodge and discussed the plans for the next morning of their Whitetail Hunts in Texas. We decided to split the hunters up to hopefully improve their chances of seeing deer. After a good night sleep we made our way to the blinds once again this time we chose to stay in the flat part of the ranch. When I came back to get the hunters we had better results but no shots were fired. Merryl was covered up with turkeys for most of the morning and Eddie saw 5 different bucks one he said would be a good deer for Merryl to try to take but non that warranted him tagging out early in the hunt. Well at this juncture Eddies luck took a turn for the worse. We decided for the afternoon Eddie would sit in an area we had been seeing a good buck but he had been very inconsistent lately in when he would come in. The evening hunt concluded and I went and picked Merryl up from her stand and asked her if she had any luck and she was excited to tell me she had shot a buck. She told me he was down by the feeder and only ran a couple of steps before expiring. We went down and took a look and decided we better go pick Eddie up and he could help us load him. In all the excitement I noticed Merryl had left her gun in the blind when she put her stuff in the truck so I told her we would come back and get it when we loaded the deer. As we made our way across the ranch to get Eddie Merryl asked if I could drop her off so she didn’t have to experience the ride up the mountain again and I told her no problem. So I ran up and got Eddie and shared the news with him. He told me he was not feeling well if we could get to the lodge pretty quickly he would appreciate it. So I headed that way since we had to get Merryl to go recover her deer. I mentioned Eddies luck had changed for the worst well he had contracted a stomach virus and was not feeling good at all. Eddie made the best of it and we made our way down to the blind Merryl had hunted to recover her deer. Eddie was proud of Merryl and happy she had gotten her buck. It was the nice 8 point Eddie had seen earlier that morning of their whitetail hunts in Texas. We made our way over to gut the buck and pose him in the cooler to take pictures in the daylight the next day. (good job hiding the shoes Merryl the shadow kind of blacked them out!)

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Their Whitetail hunts in Texas was set to continue and after dinner we made a game plan for the next morning and Eddie was not feeling good with his stomach virus so we where kind of in limbo to see how he felt the next morning to determine if their whitetail hunts in Texas would go on hold or if we would be hunting. Well that answer came at 6 when I got to the lodge and Eddie was waiting in the living room in shorts. Well he and Merryl had a long night up and down with Eddie being sick. So we made the call to sleep in and I would come check on them around 10 in the morning. So at 10 I went up and Eddie looked better and was up moving around a little and Merryl was ready to go take picture with her buck so off we went. After that we where going to run grab breakfast and Eddie was feeling up to it so we went and ate some breakfast. That afternoon Eddie was feeling better and ready to get back to his Whitetail hunts in Texas so we decided to put Merryl down in the low country to see if she could fill her doe tag and Eddie up top to try to get a buck. I got the hunters out and I get a phone call and it is Clay and he informs me that Eddie called him and let him know he was being swarmed by bees in the blind and he had gotten out to avoid being stung. So off I went to put him in a different blind. Did I mention Eddies luck had taken a turn for the worse!! I get up to the blind and Eddie is in the road waiting for me. I told him that was one instance where I am glad he got out of the blind. Got him put in a new spot and went back down to wait till dark to come get them. I went to get Merryl at dark and she was fired up first words out of her mouth were ” that was so much fun” I asked her if she had gotten a doe and she said yes and 2 pigs. She told me one pig was under the feeder and the doe and pig both ran off. She knew she had hit them but they ran. So we found the first pig and sure enough it was under the feeder. We then walked to were she had shot the second pig and right away we found good blood. then a couple of feet down she showed me the blood from the doe. So off I went down the trail. Found the pig I told her and carried it back to the truck. Then I had to work for the doe, As much blood as it was loosing I knew it couldn’t have gone far. Well after about 100 yards the blood trail ended at a nice doe. So after getting her back to the truck we loaded them all and headed for the skinning rack. I had called one of the other guides and told him I was tracking animals if he would run get Eddie up top. About the time we got to the skinning rack Eddie and Tommy had pulled in as well. Eddies luck had not changed but Merryl sure was making the best of her Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Over dinner we made a plan to run up to one of our other properties, a pen as Eddie referred to it yes it is high fenced but it is 900 acres of cedar and open pasture. We assured Eddie we would make it happen. So with an early start we got up to the other ranch and figured we would sit in the blind at a feeder for an hour and then try to spot and stalk as the morning went on. Well by 10 it wasn’t happening so we decided we better make a move. We knew Eddie and Merryl wanted to try to be on the road by noon but we didn’t want Eddie to go home with nothing. We called back to the ranch to make sure it was going to be ok to run a little later and learned Merryl had gone ahead and shot Eddie’s doe tag for him so we just needed to focus on the buck. Merryl was all for us taking a few more hours to try to make it happen. So we made the move to another ranch and hoped it would pay off for Eddies whitetail hunts in Texas. We got in the pasture and we drove around to try to spot a buck that we could put a spot and stalk on. No dice nothing but exotics. So we decided the only other thing would be to do a good old-fashioned deer drive. We had 2 pushers and Eddie and I worked our way to an opening on the other side of the brush. About the time we got set up here came some deer. This buck was smart every time he stopped he had something between us. First a pole then a tree and then a bush and then as quick as he was there he was gone. So we tried to get back to the truck so we could catch up to him but that didn’t work out. Dang Eddies luck still hadn’t turned. It was beginning to feel like something that just wasn’t meant to be and it was going to be a long ride home to Louisiana for Eddie if we didn’t find a buck pretty quick and wrap up his whitetail hunts in Texas. So another lap around the pasture and nothing. And then I think Eddies luck began to change. We could see a bunch of deer running across the canyon and followed them in to the cedar. I asked Tommy to get out and walk the brush again and we would go to the top of the hill and get set up. As soon as we got set up deer started to file out of the brush. The first Whitetail  out I could tell was a good buck and he stopped behind the brush again. His neck was sticking out and I told Eddie shoot him in the neck. Eddie readied for a shot to try to put an end to his whitetail hunts in Texas. Boom!!! We looked at each other and Eddie said I think I missed. The buck never ran until the herd of deer and aoudad came flying by out of the brush and everything ran down the back fence. By the time we topped the hill the deer where hitting the next brush line and I thought I could see the buck we shot at in the lead. So we worked our way up and I asked Tommy to swing through that clump of brush and we would see what came out. After seeing all the deer come out I didn’t see anything that looked wounded. Tommy worked his way to the truck and said he thought the shot sounded like it hit home so we went back to the area to look for blood. Sure enough the deer jumped up. It was laying in a gully and we had driven right past it. After finding very little blood I was worried we were going to be there for an extended time tracking this deer. We made a plan and knew the deer had run up into the trees ahead of us. So we planned to push him out again and be waiting on the other side. After a few minutes our drivers hollered for us to bring the truck they found him. We got down to them and the buck was sitting up. We positioned Eddie for a finishing shot and let it rip. After surviving the stomach bug and the bees and just the general bad luck of not seeing deer on Eddies whitetail hunts in Texas, Eddie had finally found success on his Whitetail hunts in Texas. And what a nice buck he ended up getting on his Whitetail hunts in Texas.

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    What a great whitetail hunts in Texas. Merryl was patiently waiting for us back at the lodge. We were a couple of hours late but we were able to finish cleaning their deer and get them on the road pretty quickly. Whitetail hunts in Texas can be a challenge even in the so-called pens!! Merryl and Eddie It was a pleasure guiding your Whitetail hunts in Texas. I know Merryl had a blast hope she gets to come back next time for round two of Whitetail hunts in Texas!

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Phils Big 8

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas Phil from New York has been hunting with Pope Brothers Guide Service for a lot of years. Phil took a nice Zebra and Mouflon ram this spring and had planned to make his way back for Whitetail hunts in Texas. Well We always anticipate Phil wanting to look at more than just the one animal he came for so we had planned to start with Whitetail hunts in Texas and then just go from there. Phil got into camp on The first Tuesday of the season for Whitetail hunts in Texas. With hunters being in opening weekend and shooting quite a few deer we figured the deer would be pretty shook up. We had been seeing a good 8 point at one of the stands and figured it would be a good buck for Phil to go after t start his Whitetail Hunts in Texas. After the first evening in the stand Phil had see a few deer but no shooter buck on his first Sit for Whitetail. The next morning Phil was up early with high hopes that he would see a good shooter buck on his whitetail hunts in Texas. After being in the blind a few minutes it was light enough he could make out a few deer standing out in front of him and he could tell one was a bigger bodied deer. As light peered through the canyon and finally revealed what was in front of him Phil knew this was the buck we had set out to get on his Whitetail Hunts in Texas. As Phil Readied his rifle the deer stepped back into the brush. Phil was not sure if he had been seen or smelled or what. As luck would have it Phil didn’t have to wait long and the buck followed a doe back into the stand. Phil Got the gun back up and this time was able to get a shot off on the Big 8 on his second day of whitetail hunts in Texas. Phil waited for the guides to come back to pick him up and he knew the buck was down so he pointed the way and they recovered his Whitetail. Phil’s whitetail hunts in Texas had come to a close but we knew he would be ready to go look at some other animals. Congrats Phil on an excellent buck.

  • Whitetail Hunts in Texas – 8th Year for the louisiana Boys

    Whitetail hunts in Texas

    Whitetail Hunts in Texas – Opening weekend means the Louisiana boys are in camp for their 8th year of  Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Tom And Joe have been coming from the beginning Chris joined the group a few years back and this was Bobby’s first year To come for whitetail hunts in Texas. The guys arrived in camp around 4:30 on Friday and the prodding had already begun. Everyone was full of anticipation for opening morning and for their Whitetail hunts in Texas to begin. 2 of the guys decided to make a mad dash for the blinds at 6 that evening to see if they could put some pork in the cooler. Bobby the new guy made the first statement of the trip by taking a boar that first evening with 3 1/2 inches of tusk showing. So with the bar set high and dinner ate everyone went to bed dreaming of monster bucks. The first morning of Whitetail hunts in Texas for 2012 came early and everyone was negotiating which stand they wanted to sit in. After the blind arrangements were worked out off we went. Tim took two of the guys and I took the other two and got them in the blinds. After we got everyone set out all the guides met back at the lodge to watch a little outdoor channel. About 7:45 the front door swings open and Tom comes marching in telling us he had to get his camera. Took a minute but the brain finally fired and we realized Tom must have gotten himself a deer. Out the door we all went to check out what we hoped to be a good buck for Tom on opening morning of his Whitetail hunts in Texas. As we approached we could tell it was a pretty nice deer but as we got to looking at him it was a new deer we had not see this buck on trail cams leading up to the opening of Whitetail hunts in Texas. Tom Had set the bar high!! And he was ready to let everyone know it. But first he wanted to go sit in another blind and see if he could get some pork for the freezer as well. 9:30 finally rolled around and we decided it was getting about that time so we took off to pick everyone up and take Tom to get his picture made with his awesome Buck. Way to go Tom! We will see if the rest of the guys can hold out for a bruiser! Stay Tuned updates on the rest of the Louisiana boys whitetail hunts in Texas see if they get Lucky.

    As the boys from Louisiana Whitetail Hunts in Texas drew to a close everyone had taken a good whitetail buck. These guys come every year and after the get their buck they tend to want to fill the freezer! So when it was all said and done everyone had gotten a couple of deer and a few hogs and a good buck on their Whitetail Hunts in Texas. Way to go guys look forward to having you back for opening weekend of 2013 Whitetail hunts in Texas.

  • Whitetail hunts in Texas – A Guides Day Off

    Whitetail hunts in Texas – A lot of hunters ask me if I still hunt much since I am with clients or guiding hunts most of the time? My answer is always ” As much as I can without getting my self in too much trouble with the wife and kids. I recently got a Mathews Z-7 Extreme and I have been punching holes in the target with it but I have not taken it out on any Whitetail hunts in Texas. Archery Season for whitetail hunts in Texas opened up at the beginning of the month of October  and we were at Antelope camp in the panhandle of Texas, Then we have just been busy with other hunts in Texas since we have been home so I have not gotten a chance to go test the new equipment on a whitetail hunts in Texas. After youth weekend I knew we would slack off a little and I might get a chance to sneak out Monday and Tuesday to the in-laws and put the new bow to the test. When I left the ranch to head home I knew I might get a chance to go sit maybe for an evening whitetail hunts in Texas so I grabbed a pop-up blind and headed home. Monday morning I went and visited My wife’s grandparents and got the go ahead on setting up a blind and trying to hunt a little. Once I got in the pasture I drove around a little and scouted to see if there where any rubs or places I could visibly see were the deer where traveling. After a few minutes I found a good spot that had a couple of scrapes and I could see a lot of tracks on the path going through the area. I had my spot, got the blind set up and I was ready to go. After lunch and doing a little work I got into the blind about 4 pm. As I made my way down to the blind I poured a little strip of corn down the trail just to get the deer to stop if the came down the trail. My archery whitetail hunts in Texas had begun and no sooner than I sat down in the pop-up blind I had deer coming down the trail a buck no less. I draw my bow….. Ah I can’t shoot the first deer I see so I let it down. After a few minutes I had 10 or so deer in front of me and the buck was milling around eating corn. By the time I talked myself into shooting the buck he was working a tree line away from me. Well that is the way it goes. Should have shot him but I had a couple of hours left of my first day of whitetail hunts in Texas so I was trying not to beat myself up to bad. Well after the neighbor firing up the tractor and the road crew doing work on the road a couple hundred yards away I did not see much else besides does and a couple little yearling bucks. As I crawled out of the blind I could see the big buck on the other side of the field and I knew if I came back out in the morning I would get another crack at him. So now I just had to get out of taking the kids to school in the morning!!!

      Whitetail Hunts in Texas Day 2 – Well the wife and I played let’s make a deal and so I was able to make it back to the blind for day 2. Again I put the corn out like day one and about the time I got settled in I already had deer in front of me. It was still dark but with the full moon I could determine what I was looking at through the binoculars. I had 8 doe and a 4 point buck in front of me. As daylight broke I could hear a buck grunting next to the blind. Close.. very close. I got still as I could hear the footsteps. There he was the buck from the previous evenings hunt was close enough I could have reached out the window and poked him with an arrow. He fed over to the corn strip and I had him at 20 yards. As I drew back there was a doe that I could not see the blew and ran out in front of the blind stomping her feet. I got my pin fixed on the deers shoulder and let it rip. Well I guess I was not holding high enough and the arrow skipped off the window of the pop up off into never find that arrow land!! Well shucks that sums up my luck most of the time. If I didn’t have bad luck I would not have any at all. Or so I thought. I caught movement out behind a brush pile and out stepped my buck at about 60 yards. and then he disappeared back into the brush. Well I thought maybe I ought to give it up and head home with nothing to show for my whitetail hunts in Texas. About the time I was reaching for my bag to start packing away my gear to head out I hear that same little grunt I had heard earlier in the hunt. The buck came back in on the same path he used earlier in the morning and walked to about 40 yards and turned around and stared me down. After what seamed to have been 10 minutes he put his head down and turned broadside. I came to full draw once again and settled the pin on his heart. This time Whop!! no doubt on that contact. The Whitetail buck kicked hard and took off on a full run. A watched as he went around out of sight. I waited about 30 minutes till I got out of the blind and went to retrieve my arrow and start to look for blood. “No problem blood trailing this deer” I thought to myself as I looked at the arrow and the ground were the Whitetail buck had been standing. Off I went following the red patches across the field. I got to the brush at our property line and followed the blood through the brush, over the fence and across the county road. Hmm I replayed the impact over in my mind and everything looked good. One tough deer to take a good pass through shot and run this far. I figured I better go back to Omie and Opie’s house and make sure whose land was across the road and make some calls to try to get permission to retrieve my deer. Better to be on the safe side and do things the right way as opposed to going  across private property searching for a wounded deer. I walked in the front door and I told Opie ” well I got good news and bad news” Oh Hell was his reply. I explained to him what had happened and told him where I had stopped and he said yes lets call them and we will get it figured out. So after some phone calls I had permission to retrieve the deer. I got back to the fence post I had marked where the blood was and jumped over. The next 20 yards or so it was like someone had spilled a can of red paint. I knew the buck couldn’t be far. I got around a cedar bush and there he was. He had expired just out of sight from the fence. After tagging him and dragging him back to the truck I looked at the shot and the Z-7 Extreme from Mathews had hit home The deer had run probably 200 yards after all was said and done. I was off to snap a couple of pictures and get the deer skinned and put in the cooler. After looking back on my whitetail hunts in Texas I felt good about being able to go into a property and scout and get the job done. I always try to fallow all the laws and game laws when I am hunting and some people probably would not have taken the time to get all the permissions needed in a situation like that but it is the best thing to do. When you are dealing with private property it is best to do everything you can to receive permission to continue tracking a wounded animal across property lines. Some people are not as understanding when you just go and do but by making a couple of quick phone calls I was able to get permission and get in and get retrieve my deer on my whitetail hunts in Texas. After a successful whitetail hunts in Texas I  Can’t wait for the next time I have a couple of days and I can get back in the woods and do some whitetail hunts in Texas. We still have a few openings for Whitetail hunts in Texas so if anyone is interested they can contact me for info and pricing or just check the featured hunts specials on the home page for Whitetail hunts in Texas pricing.