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  • Hog Ram Combo Hunts in Texas – Dave and Friends find Success

    Hog Ram Combo hunts in Texas –

    hog ram

    Dave and a couple of his friends from Colorado recently were in camp to take on a hog ram combo hunt. On the first afternoon we spent the evening stalking rams and everyone was successful on their ram quest taking 3 nice rams. The paint was herded up with some goats and Dave showed great patience as it took over an hour to stalk and get a clear shot on this nice paint ram. The Texas dall was in a big heard of rams  and Aileen made a great shot on the move at 125 yards and put her ram down in his tracks. The Black ram was another long stalk and we got him to finally stop and give Darren a shot and he fell in his tracks as well. After the rams were skinned we headed over to a ranch we have been seeing some pigs. We hunted mostly safari style at night with a spotlight and we managed to take 5 pigs the first night and 3 the second night. They also enjoyed cruising looking at all the other animals on the ranch including many African species and all of the common exotics. Thanks Dave for putting this hog ram hunt together and we look forward to having you guys back in October.

    hog ram


    hog ram

  • Ram Hunts in Texas – A Family Affair

    Ram Hunts in Texas –

    Ram Hunts in Texas

    We recently had Doug and his boys from Missouri down to go on their first ram hunts in Texas. We started out by spot and stalk and ran across a few rams out in the pasture. Up first Dougs youngest boy made a great shot and put down a nice ram. As we made our way up to the first ram we knew the rest of the pack went up on a nearby hill. We decided to make another stalk and found the rams coming down the backside of the hill. Doug made a good shot on the second ram sending the pack back over the hill to dougs older son and my other guide. Josh quickly pointed out the ram to take and he made a good shot. In an hour of hunting we had found success on 3 Ram Hunts in Texas.


    Earlier this year we had a


  • Ram Hunts In Texas – Father & Son Score Big

    Ram Hunts In TexasRam hunts in Texas


    We recently had Jaime and his son in camp to partake in some ram hunts in Texas. Jaime scored on a nice black ram on the first day of his Ram Hunts in Texas and we worked hard the rest of the trip to get his son on a nice dall and managed to get within archery range a couple of times but he just could not close the deal. On the last afternoon of their Ram hunts in Texas The rifle came out of the case and the ram hunts in Texas came to a successful close. Congrats guys on a couple nice rams.Ram hunts in Texas


  • Ram hunts in Texas – Ramathon

    Ram Hunts in Texas –

    Ram Hunts in Texas

    We had Gary, John, Matt and Bryan in camp over the weekend for some ram hunts in Texas and to take a look at some exotics if we could get the rams hunts in Texas completed in enough time. Well I think it might have been the quickest 4 man ram hunts in texas I have ever been a part of. We mad a round through the pasture to try to find a group of rams and as we came up the hill to the gate they were all laying down in the shade to our left. As they stood up they ran across the road in front of us and made the mistake of stopping in the opening. Boom … Bryan connected on a nice black hawiian ram on his ram hunts in texas. We pulled up and the rams were stopped looking back at us. Boom … Matt connected on a nice Texas Dall. John and Gary jumped off with Josh Johnson one of our guides and tried to catch up with the group. With two rams down we proceeded to stalk the rest of the herd. As we got up the hill they were working down the fence line right to left and Gary and John didn’t waste any time. After a couple more shots we had 4 rams down. Great job guys and we were off to pig hunt and possibly look at an exotic or Two.

  • Ram Hunts in Texas – Drew and Jordan Hunt Rams and Hogs

    Ram Hunts in Texas – Drew and Jordan Hunt Rams and Hogs

    Drew and his best friend Jordan made their way down from Mennesota to hunt pigs. After a couple days of pigs they inquired about the sheep up in our other pasture. They were in so Tim was their guide for this hunt and took them in to the Ram Pasture to get Jordan a ram. After a couple stalks and a couple shots Jordan had his ram down. Drew was wanting a Texas dall and we had just shot the last Texas dall a couple weeks before Drew and Jordan came. So we called around and found one on a friend of ours place and Tim took drew to get him his Dall. It was cold and you can tell from one of the pictures we had a little white stuff on the ground.  But Tim (AKA Lucky charm) was not worried about the snow or the cold he had to get drew a Dall. After some searching they found the heard and got ready for a shot. Tim picked out the biggest one and let Drew know. After a few minutes of waiting for the sheep to present a shot drew fired his rifle and the big dall went down. Congrats guys on some awesome pig hunting and some very nice rams.

  • Four Horn Ram Hunts in Texas – The Hunter Gets His Four Horn

    Four Horn Ram Hunts in Texas – The Hunter Gets His Four Horn

    four horn ram hunts in texas

    When Ted had talked to us about coming back one of the top animals on the list as a 4 horn Jacobs sheep that had eluded his young son the year before after having a shot on him and finding out the hard way that dad forgot to chamber a round. Ted and his boy had a year to think about him and they were not going to let a good one get away this year. So after they got settled in at the lodge we went to the range to make sure the new youth rifle was sighted in. Grandpa had left the boy’s youth rifle at home in New Orleans by accident so they had to stop on the way and buy a new one! So everything checked out ok and we hit the ram pasture to begin the Four Horn Ram hunts in Texas. As we drove in we found the heard of rams and the four horn was with them. Ted and his son got out and stalked in for the shot. The four horn turned broadside and the new .243 did the job. Congrats on finally getting your four horn little man!

    A couple days later we coaxed the fisherman of the family Ted’s next oldest boy to take a trophy Painted Desert Ram and I think we might have converted him into a hunter as well. Congrats on the awesome Painted Desert ram.


    And of course the boys had to have some marble pouches made!!

    four horn ram hunts in texas

  • Exotics Hunts In Texas – The Australians Hunt Exotics

    Exotics hunts in Texas – The Australians Exotics Hunt – We had the pleasure of hosting an avid hunter from half way around the world, Paul and his son where great company and came all the way to Texas to hunt exotics. Leaving Australia in late July they made their way to Disney and a slew of other tourist type places with the rest of the family. After making their way to Texas Paul and his young son left the rest of the family with relatives and made their way to the ranch for some exotics hunting and some calling for predators if we where up to it after the long days of hunting the exotics Paul had expressed interest in hunting. First evening we planned to go do a little calling and see if we could get a couple of fox and maybe a bobcat. Well the fox cooperated but the cats must have gotten the memo. So after some good shooting by Paul we had a couple of greys in the bed of the truck and figured we better go get some rest. First morning Paul wanted to go look for some exotics he was in search of a gold medal Texas Dall and possibly a Black Hawaiian if we could find one. So after some looking we found a small group of rams and the good black Hawaiian was in the group. We got out and put a stalk on the Black Hawaiian ram. Well after bumping the group a couple times we were able to get a shot on the Black Hawaiian ram. Paul’s shot rang true and we had the first animal down on their Texas exotics hunt.








    Exotics hunts In Texas – Day 2 with the Australians – After another night of reducing the grey fox population and stumbling across a ringtail we were up and going bright and early in search of a Texas Dall Ram. Didn’t take long to get on the main group and pick out a big one. Once again we stalked in and Paul put a good shot on him. Sometimes even a good shot can turn into a well dare I say fiasco. Well a couple more shots and we are standing over Paul’s Trophy Texas Dall Ram. Well after a quick gut job Paul asked about Aoudad. We had seen a couple on the first day of our exotics hunt. After a short discussion and some lunch we where off to find the Aoudad. After a short drive through the pasture we found a big group of rams, ewes and babies mixed together. After further examination we determined no shooters in the main group. So it was time to beat the brush in search for the band of big rams that we figured must have struck out on their own. After a couple of pushes we had not turned up the better Aoudad. We were beginning to think they were nowhere to be found when we just happen to turn through an area we had driven around a couple times. There they where no time for a stalk as Paul already had the gun out the window and was asking which one. After a quick look we determined the one on the right was the best Aoudad we had seen all day. We all agreed on the one on the right and the shot rang out with a big thud and sent the Aoudad crashing to the ground. After a high five we turn back and the Aoudad jumps up and takes off. No time to get the gun up for a second shot. Here we go… just going to be one of those days where you can’t catch a break. After numerous replays of what had just happened we decided to go and inspect the fall area and get on the blood trail. After a few hours of searching with only finding a couple of drops of blood we decide to call off the search. Lesson learned Aoudad are tough buggers put another one in them even if they drop like a ton of bricks. After a long quite ride back to the lodge we were all pretty bummed as well as tired from hunting Exotics.










    Exotics hunts in Texas – Day 3 with the Australians – With 2 nights of hunting and two full days of hunting in the books everyone was pretty run down and morale was low after the Aoudad hunt earlier in the day. So after making a plan to go back and take everyone and look for the Aoudad I think we all felt a little better. We decided to go and make a couple stands calling and then do some sharp shooting on some rabbits. Well after a couple of stands we decided the 30 MPH gusting wind is not ideal weather for calling so we decided to go find some unsuspecting rabbits. In no time at all we were chasing jack rabbits all over the flat. After about 100 rounds of .22 ammo we decide it is enough and we should get a little rest. So Day three finds us splitting and a couple of the guys going back and looking for the Aoudad and Paul wanted to check out the Black Buck population. So after a couple phone calls we decide to run up and look at blackbuck. We found some females right away and after looking around them no males. So we press on Paul and his son wanted to get on the road by noon so we were running low on time. Finally a nice blackbuck tending to a couple does is standing about 50 yards out. While we are deciding if this was our black buck or if we needed to press on the managed to get around a bend and work their way to about 200 yards. We decide it is now or never so we slide a little closer to give Paul a reasonable shot. And luckily Paul is not one to get down on himself or compound problems. Put the hammer down!! Nice Job Paul!!  So three days and three nights of hunting in Texas and Paul and son were ready to make their way to Austin to put the hurt on Cabelas!! Final Tally Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Blackbuck, too many fox to count and a ring tail. Oh and good news we found the Aoudad and where able to get another bullet in him. I called Paul and let him know the good news. That definitely made him feel a lot better about the previous day’s experience. Congrats Paul on some great trophy exotics and we look forward to the next trip to the states to hunt exotics.

  • Ram Hunts in Texas – Sons on their first Ram Hunt

    RamRam hunts in Texas – The kids had been out of school for a couple weeks and Uncle Clay had promised the boys a chance to ram hunt. Suprisingly they had held out till the the first week of July but they where not going to make it another day with out hunting their rams. So we struck out that morning hoping we could get them on the rams before it got to hot. After driving into the pasture we found the group of rams and got out to walk in to get a better look and try to get a better shot. With 2 young hunters, 2 guides and the 4 year old younger brother who was not going to miss out on the hunt and the 7 year old cousin we struck out. The rams where having none of it!! So it was time for plan b. I would continue to push them around the pasture and Uncle Clay would take them around and set up where we thought we would get an open shot. I start to push and right away bam!! loud screams of excitement and then another shot fallowed by loud jubilation!! In a matter of 30-seconds to a minute a months worth of waiting and anticipation had come to fruition and both boys where on top of the world.   The first ram had crossed the road  40 yards in front of the group and my oldest boy made a good shot and put the ram down. Ram number two ran to about 100 yards and decided to turn and check on the rest of the pack when the second shot rang out. All that was visable was his head and at a hundred yards the bullet slammed home right between the eyes. Well the boy still tells who ever will listen about his 200 yard shot and how it struck him between the eyes. Proud boys…..Proud Uncle ……Proud Dad!!! Ram Hunts in Texas are a Great way to get the kids involved.