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  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Darrel Tackles the Mountain

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    Darrel had been on the hunt with Joe and Efrain in October of 2013 when Efrain scored on a nice Aoudad ram on the first day of the hunt. On the first hunt Darrel was hunting on a location that took some nerve just to get up to the spot to sit and look for the Aoudad. On the 2nd or 3rd morning on the first hunt Darrel made a misstep and found him self sliding and rolling down the mountain. Darrel wasn’t to keen on going back to that location but we knew there were big Aoudad in the area so he decided to try to tackle the mountain again. This time it only took one trip up and Darrel was rewarded for his daring climb with a pretty darn nice Free range Aoudad. Congrats Darrel on a great trophy Aoudad and for surviving the mountain 1 last time.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Joe Back for Round 2

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –



    Joe was on a return trip to Texas for free range Aoudad after going home with out one in October. We had been scouting pretty regularly hoping to be able to pattern a nice Aoudad with out much luck we knew it was going to take being in the right place at the right time and a little bit of luck to pull this hunt off the way we hoped it would go. After a couple of days of hunting and seeing females and young immature males this nice Aoudad ram made the mistake of showing himself at the feeder Joe and his guide was sitting at. Joe knew this might be the only ram that he would have a chance at and wanted to take one home this trip. After a few minutes they got a shot and Joe put this nice Aoudad down for the count. The year of the Aoudad continues another nice ram down. Congrats Joe on your trophy Aoudad.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – John Strikes Gold …Again

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    John had already taken a trophy Axis buck and a big Turkey and instead of sitting at the lodge he decided to go in search of an Aoudad. So up the mountain they went. It didn’t take long and the Aoudad started to come out to the feeder the guys were watching. Johns guides quickly pointed out this magnificent Aoudad and John made a heck of a shot. Aoudad are typically shy and reluctant to come in and when you do get a shot more often than not the Aoudad will leave you feeling like you made a bad shot as they run off. This Aoudad fell in his tracks and the guys celebrated as they knew John had just taken a great trophy Aoudad. Congrats John and can’t wait to have you guys back in camp.

  • Aoudad hunts in Texas – Gary’s Aoudad Hunt

    Aoudad hunts in Texas – 

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    After Paul had taken his Trophy Aoudad it was time to focus on Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas. We didn’t even stop and load Paul’s Aoudad we decided to go and try to get back on the group of rams. We got set up again and Tim tried to push them back to us again. Well this time the came to the edge of the brush and instead of coming out into the opening the doubled back around and went the other way. We decided to drive back through and see if we could spot them and try to get a stalk in before dark. So as we worked our way through the pasture we couldnt get back on them so as it was getting dark we decided to go get Paul’s Aoudad and get him to the cooler. We decided to be back in the ranch for Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas at first light. After a good dinner and a good nights sleep we where back at it at first light. After a couple passes through the pasture we figured the Aoudad must be holding in the brush so we pushed a few areas and no luck. Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas were beginning to look all to familliar. This is how the aoudad were behaving on the first hunt. Very skiddish and staying in the brush. Well we where determined and we stayed persistent and focused on Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas. As the day went on we managed to get a couple of good setups and  drive the aoudad into areas we thought we would be able to get a good shot on one. Well the Aoudad is a formiddable opponent and they ducked us every chance we got. So after a full day of hunting we decided to call it a day and continue Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas the next morning. So once again we had dinner and got to bed early so we could be back in hunting at daylight on day 2 of Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas. Right out of the gate on the third morning we were on the Aoudad. We had them in a good spot and I dropped off Tim and Gary and Paul and I drove around the heard hoping to push them back to the hunter on the other side of the canyon. after what I thought had to be a perfect push I get to the opening and Tim and Gary are nowhere to be found. Well the Aoudad came through but they couldnt get a shot on the bigger rams so Tim worked his way around in front of the heard to try and reposition Gary so he could get a shot. From where I was I could see the bigger Aoudad had worked their way back around so I got Tim and Paul back in the truck and we worked our way back on them. Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas were heating up and we followed the Aoudad across the pasture into a clump of cedar. Tim and Paul got out and planned to push them through to Gary and I on the bottom side. Nothing came out! Well maybe they had gotten ahead of us in the shuffle. So we looked around again and Tim decided he would walk the middle canyon and see if he could find them. We decided to go to the bottom of the canyon to wait for Tim and make sure he didn’t kick anything out of the canyon. I decided to drive back around the brush we had seen the Aoudad go into once to make sure they didn’t run up to the corner and lay down or something. Well sure enough they were laying in a sunny spot right on the brush line.  I knew Tim was already out of the way and I wouldn’t be able to get to him to come back and push for a little while so Paul Volenteered and Gary and I pulled down to the bottom side of the brush and got set up to where we could see the front opening and then the side along the fence. Paul worked his way down and I watched as the Aoudad skirted the front edge and went back around Paul into the brush. We decided we needed two people to push them out so we went to the other side of the pasture to pick Tim back up and go back and try again. Gary was excited he knew this was going to be the best chance he had so far on his Aoudad hunts in Texas. We got set up and Phil and Tim began to push. I heard the Aoudad coming and told Gary to get ready they were coming straight on and it was going to be a tough shot. Gary got on one and before I could tell him to shoot the last on he squeezed off on the first one out. The Aoudad fell in his tracks and Gary was still on him. With a second shot for good measure Gary’s Aoudad hunts in Texas had completed with Gary harvesting a very nice Aoudad. We walked up and Tim and Paul made their way up to where the aoudad fell. Great shooting Gary now it was time to get some pictures and get the two trophy aoudad skinned on Gary and Pauls Aoudad hunts in Texas.

  • Trophy Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Trophy Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Steven Putman came down to hunt trophy aoudad with us in February.  Steve was looking for a nice trophy that would look great on his wall and we had some great rams in mind for him.  On the last day of his hunt we took Steve to one of our properties outside of San Antonio and he laid the smack down on a huge Trophy Aoudad!









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