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  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Darrel Tackles the Mountain

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    Darrel had been on the hunt with Joe and Efrain in October of 2013 when Efrain scored on a nice Aoudad ram on the first day of the hunt. On the first hunt Darrel was hunting on a location that took some nerve just to get up to the spot to sit and look for the Aoudad. On the 2nd or 3rd morning on the first hunt Darrel made a misstep and found him self sliding and rolling down the mountain. Darrel wasn’t to keen on going back to that location but we knew there were big Aoudad in the area so he decided to try to tackle the mountain again. This time it only took one trip up and Darrel was rewarded for his daring climb with a pretty darn nice Free range Aoudad. Congrats Darrel on a great trophy Aoudad and for surviving the mountain 1 last time.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Joe Back for Round 2

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –



    Joe was on a return trip to Texas for free range Aoudad after going home with out one in October. We had been scouting pretty regularly hoping to be able to pattern a nice Aoudad with out much luck we knew it was going to take being in the right place at the right time and a little bit of luck to pull this hunt off the way we hoped it would go. After a couple of days of hunting and seeing females and young immature males this nice Aoudad ram made the mistake of showing himself at the feeder Joe and his guide was sitting at. Joe knew this might be the only ram that he would have a chance at and wanted to take one home this trip. After a few minutes they got a shot and Joe put this nice Aoudad down for the count. The year of the Aoudad continues another nice ram down. Congrats Joe on your trophy Aoudad.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – John Strikes Gold …Again

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    John had already taken a trophy Axis buck and a big Turkey and instead of sitting at the lodge he decided to go in search of an Aoudad. So up the mountain they went. It didn’t take long and the Aoudad started to come out to the feeder the guys were watching. Johns guides quickly pointed out this magnificent Aoudad and John made a heck of a shot. Aoudad are typically shy and reluctant to come in and when you do get a shot more often than not the Aoudad will leave you feeling like you made a bad shot as they run off. This Aoudad fell in his tracks and the guys celebrated as they knew John had just taken a great trophy Aoudad. Congrats John and can’t wait to have you guys back in camp.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Trophy Aoudad One for the Record Books

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas are one of our most popular hunts year in year out. Be it free range Aoudad Hunts in Texas  or high fence Aoudad Hunts in Texas these are also one of the more difficult hunts we offer. Not every Aoudad Hunts in Texas is a rough and tough physical hunt that you would experience out in the depths of the West Texas mountains but they can be equally mentally draining. The Aoudad is generally a recluse and when you bugger them they can stay hidden for days. Tony was all set for his Aoudad Hunts in Texas and wanted to add another degree of difficulty by doing the hunt with the stick and string. Tony did not mind if the hunt was going to happen on a free range ranch or a high fence ranch he just wanted the biggest Aoudad he could find. We had game cam pics of 2 really big animals coming to a protein feeder on one of our ranches and we figured we could go in and set up a popup and he would be all set. Our other thought was we knew there were 2 rams in this specific pasture and he would be able to tell which one was the bigger of the 2 so to help with scent and noise and everything else we decided it would be best for him to set alone. After a couple frustrating days of hunting we knew with the driving into the area we must have had them knocked out of their normal routine but with hopes high Tony wished to stay in the blind in hopes they would come back to their daily pattern. Well on the 4th evening of the hunt in walks a lone Aoudad ram. Tony never could spot the second ram so he was unsure if this was the bigger of the two and let him walk out of the set up. A few minutes later the big boy walked back into the set up and ate again this time he came within 10 yards of the blind. By this time Tony’s nerves were about shot. Is this him? What if it isn’t! After trying to get a few text messages out with limited cell service and with none coming back to him the Aoudad walked out of the set again. Tony figured that his Aoudad Hunts in Texas was going to have to go into over time and add a few days about that time here he came back. For a third time the Aoudad came back into the set up and was so close Tony was still a little unsure of what to do but as he grabbed his bow he made his mind up that whether it was the right or wrong one it was about to be his that he couldn’t let it walk out of the set up for a third time. With a well placed shot the Aoudad ran a few yards and fell dead in the road. As we went to pick Tony up we rounded the corner and almost ran right over the toad of an Aoudad that lay dead in the road. We stopped quickly and got out to congratulate Tony on his successful Aoudad hunts in Texas. As we listened to the story of the events that unfolded that evening, we quickly realized that the Aoudad Ram  that lay before us was neither of the Aoudad from the trail cams but was an old ram that had been in that pasture for years and years we had stopped seeing him on trail cams well over a year prior to this evenings hunt. We figured he was dead or busted out and was gone either in the neighbors or the back pasture. We knew it was neither of the rams from the trail cams so we began to explain to Tony what was going on and he was kind of upset with himself for taking this ram. We tried to encourage him that the ram that he harvested on his Aoudad hunts in Texas was an absolute giant and was every bit as big or bigger than the rams from the trail cams. What Tony didn’t realize was he had just put an Arrow in the 2nd biggest Aoudad ever shot with a bow that had been measured by a Trophy Game Records of the world measurer. After a quick field score I told Tony I thought he would be pretty high in the books. After drying and doing an official tape the Aoudad will be the #2 Aoudad ever measured for TGR Taken with a bow. Congrats Tony on a fantastic animal and a great Aoudad hunts in Texas.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – First day Aoudad

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Aoudad hunts in Texas

    We got a phone call from Joe a hunter who had came to Texas a couple of years ago and hunted with us. Joe went on to explain the situation his group had fallen into. Joe went on to explain how they had booked a free range west Texas Aoudad hunt earlier in the year, and given their dates and deposit to book the hunt. Well Joe had been in contact with the so called outfitter and got a bombshell dropped on him. The outfitter explained he could no longer provide the services and gave them a ranch owners name and told them to contact him. Well after contacting the person Joe was told that the land owner had never had any dealings with the individual and there was nothing he could do for him and he was sorry. Joe contacted the law officials in the area and started a course of action to try to get some of his money back. Well Joe and his friends still wanted to go on a hunt so he gave us a call. We were in the early stages of scouting for Pronghorn and told him on short notice for free range Aoudad hunts in Texas we would be glad to help them but it would be a tough hunt. Joe and his group made arrangements to be in camp and we started to check the cameras and see what Aoudad we where seeing here on our ranch and a few other free range spots we had. On the first night in the blinds of the Aoudad hunts in Texas we had sat everyone on the mountain here on the home ranch. After the feeders went off Efrain was sitting with his Guide Jordan and he had a couple of sheep come out right off the bat. After a few more minutes a mature ram made his way into feeder. Jordan quickly told Efrain that the ram was a shooter. Efrain quickly got his gun ready for the shot. After all the worry that Efrain didn’t bring enough gun Efrain’s bullet placement was perfect and the ram was down under the feeder. The other hunters first evening of Aoudad hunts in Texas was slower and not as successful as Efrain. After a night of gloating and celebration the other hunters where ready to get back after the Aoudad. After a slow morning we only saw some ewes and young rams we made some changes and decided to try to move around and try some other properties in the area. After another slow evening we saw a few young rams and some ewes but we just didn’t see the shooter type of ram we had been looking for. We settled in for another good meal and to listen to Efrain tell the Aoudad tale again and show us the bullet and the whole deal. Joe’s group had hunted together before and of course there was plenty of story telling and friendly banter. We hunted hard for a couple more days and just never could catch up to another Trophy Ram being on the edge of the rut we figured a lot of our big rams we had been seeing coming to feed had changed their mindset and had other things on their mind. Joe and the gang went home going 1-3 on free range Aoudad but were happy to have been able to salvage their hunt and went home with the open invitation to come back and hunt for their Trophy Aoudad. Congrats Efrain on a nice ram and we look forward to hunting with you in the future.


  • Exotics Hunts In Texas – The Australians Hunt Exotics

    Exotics hunts in Texas – The Australians Exotics Hunt – We had the pleasure of hosting an avid hunter from half way around the world, Paul and his son where great company and came all the way to Texas to hunt exotics. Leaving Australia in late July they made their way to Disney and a slew of other tourist type places with the rest of the family. After making their way to Texas Paul and his young son left the rest of the family with relatives and made their way to the ranch for some exotics hunting and some calling for predators if we where up to it after the long days of hunting the exotics Paul had expressed interest in hunting. First evening we planned to go do a little calling and see if we could get a couple of fox and maybe a bobcat. Well the fox cooperated but the cats must have gotten the memo. So after some good shooting by Paul we had a couple of greys in the bed of the truck and figured we better go get some rest. First morning Paul wanted to go look for some exotics he was in search of a gold medal Texas Dall and possibly a Black Hawaiian if we could find one. So after some looking we found a small group of rams and the good black Hawaiian was in the group. We got out and put a stalk on the Black Hawaiian ram. Well after bumping the group a couple times we were able to get a shot on the Black Hawaiian ram. Paul’s shot rang true and we had the first animal down on their Texas exotics hunt.








    Exotics hunts In Texas – Day 2 with the Australians – After another night of reducing the grey fox population and stumbling across a ringtail we were up and going bright and early in search of a Texas Dall Ram. Didn’t take long to get on the main group and pick out a big one. Once again we stalked in and Paul put a good shot on him. Sometimes even a good shot can turn into a well dare I say fiasco. Well a couple more shots and we are standing over Paul’s Trophy Texas Dall Ram. Well after a quick gut job Paul asked about Aoudad. We had seen a couple on the first day of our exotics hunt. After a short discussion and some lunch we where off to find the Aoudad. After a short drive through the pasture we found a big group of rams, ewes and babies mixed together. After further examination we determined no shooters in the main group. So it was time to beat the brush in search for the band of big rams that we figured must have struck out on their own. After a couple of pushes we had not turned up the better Aoudad. We were beginning to think they were nowhere to be found when we just happen to turn through an area we had driven around a couple times. There they where no time for a stalk as Paul already had the gun out the window and was asking which one. After a quick look we determined the one on the right was the best Aoudad we had seen all day. We all agreed on the one on the right and the shot rang out with a big thud and sent the Aoudad crashing to the ground. After a high five we turn back and the Aoudad jumps up and takes off. No time to get the gun up for a second shot. Here we go… just going to be one of those days where you can’t catch a break. After numerous replays of what had just happened we decided to go and inspect the fall area and get on the blood trail. After a few hours of searching with only finding a couple of drops of blood we decide to call off the search. Lesson learned Aoudad are tough buggers put another one in them even if they drop like a ton of bricks. After a long quite ride back to the lodge we were all pretty bummed as well as tired from hunting Exotics.










    Exotics hunts in Texas – Day 3 with the Australians – With 2 nights of hunting and two full days of hunting in the books everyone was pretty run down and morale was low after the Aoudad hunt earlier in the day. So after making a plan to go back and take everyone and look for the Aoudad I think we all felt a little better. We decided to go and make a couple stands calling and then do some sharp shooting on some rabbits. Well after a couple of stands we decided the 30 MPH gusting wind is not ideal weather for calling so we decided to go find some unsuspecting rabbits. In no time at all we were chasing jack rabbits all over the flat. After about 100 rounds of .22 ammo we decide it is enough and we should get a little rest. So Day three finds us splitting and a couple of the guys going back and looking for the Aoudad and Paul wanted to check out the Black Buck population. So after a couple phone calls we decide to run up and look at blackbuck. We found some females right away and after looking around them no males. So we press on Paul and his son wanted to get on the road by noon so we were running low on time. Finally a nice blackbuck tending to a couple does is standing about 50 yards out. While we are deciding if this was our black buck or if we needed to press on the managed to get around a bend and work their way to about 200 yards. We decide it is now or never so we slide a little closer to give Paul a reasonable shot. And luckily Paul is not one to get down on himself or compound problems. Put the hammer down!! Nice Job Paul!!  So three days and three nights of hunting in Texas and Paul and son were ready to make their way to Austin to put the hurt on Cabelas!! Final Tally Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Blackbuck, too many fox to count and a ring tail. Oh and good news we found the Aoudad and where able to get another bullet in him. I called Paul and let him know the good news. That definitely made him feel a lot better about the previous day’s experience. Congrats Paul on some great trophy exotics and we look forward to the next trip to the states to hunt exotics.

  • Trophy Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Trophy Aoudad Hunts in Texas

    Steven Putman came down to hunt trophy aoudad with us in February.  Steve was looking for a nice trophy that would look great on his wall and we had some great rams in mind for him.  On the last day of his hunt we took Steve to one of our properties outside of San Antonio and he laid the smack down on a huge Trophy Aoudad!









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