A2Z Taxidermy

Most clients utilize our in-house Taxidermy service and leave mounts to be done here. However, if you think you might take your work home with you these arrangements with your taxidermist need to be made prior to the hunt. We do not handle shipping green hides/horns. Wildlife Gallery is a short drive up the road from us, and we can take your hides/horns there to then be shipped to your taxidermist back home.  At this point in time, we have three full time taxidermists, and two part time taxidermists. Holly Pope, Caine Walton, Aren Kelly, Toby Lee and Cydney Walker. Each having different preferences and niches we cover mounting the spectrum of native and exotic species utilizing each person’s unique skills. For more information on prices and specifics you can contact Lily Teague via Facebook message or call in to the office at (325) 446-2000

Although we do not make a guarantee on turn around times. We do offer a “rush” on services at an additional cost depending on the piece.