Hunts in Texas FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to book a hunt with PBGSO please email or you can call or text Clay Pope 956-763-3232 or Josh Johnson 512-954-8648 . We like to discuss all details and dates. From there we require a deposit to book the dates you have chosen. The majority of our hunts require a 50% deposit, then the remaining balance is due upon or before arrival.  All trophy fees or additions while hunting are due upon completion of your hunt prior to leaving the ranch. Some of our hunts have payment plans available for those who wish to pay your deposit or your entire hunt in installments over a set period of time prior to the hunt. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I will work with you if needed to reschedule a hunt as long as I have proper notice. I understand things happen however it is always at my discretion when, where, or if I can reschedule a hunt. If you have to cancel a hunt after you have sent a deposit we do not give refunds. However if you have another hunter to fill your spot at full price we will allow this substitution. It is not PBGSO’s obligation to replace this hunter or hunters if cancellations take place it is you the hunter or hunting groups responsibility. Any replacement hunters must consult with me to understand what they are purchasing. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash, Personal Check, money order, and Travelers Checks.

Most of our hunts are set up as all inclusive packages which means: 3 meals per day, Drinks (water, soft drinks, tea, nonalcoholic beverages, etc..), transportation while hunting, airport shuttle, game care, skinning, caping, quartering, guides, lodging, bedding, linens, towels, toiletries, and transporting game to our taxidermy shop, a taxidermist of your choice locally, or a processor is included in an all inclusive package.

Yes PBGSO can offer rifles for those that do not have them or for those that do not wish to travel with them. All we ask is you pay for a box or boxes of ammunition.

Yes we have a full page dedicated to references on this website. For security reason and to protect our clients we do not post all of their contact information. If you wish to contact any of our references we will be happy to provide you with their email or phone numbers.

Lodging is always comfortable and clean everywhere we hunt. Lodging can range from 5 star to basic lodging examples: custom built hunting lodges, ranch houses, mobile homes, bed and breakfasts, hotel, or motels. A lot of the lodges we use have satellite or cable TV, internet, and many of the same comforts of home. We sell a wide variety of hunts in several areas so we don’t have one main lodge. If you would like more info on lodges available for your hunt we will be glad to provide that information.

Most of our hunts meals are provided at no additional charge. We provide 3 meals per day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A typical breakfast would consist of eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, milk, coffee, and orange juice. A typical lunch would consist of sandwiches and all the trimmings with snacks available as well, or burgers and fries. Dinner options include: steak, baked potato, greens (salad or green beans); Fajitas with all the trimmings, tortillas, beans, and rice; chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, greens; spaghetti, garlic bread, greens; hamburgers, fries etc… If you have special dietary needs we will always work to accommodate you. We don’t want anyone going home hungry and we have never had a complaint about our meals. Due to time restraints or location other meal options include local restaurants. We promise you will enjoy our cooking and might even go home with a few extra pounds.  Some hunts due to time restraints and when you will be hunting we will eat at restaurants etc…

License fees are not included in the price of any of our hunt packages. You will need to purchase your own license upon arrival over the counter or via the internet. Texas now requires you provide a social security number for everyone including children to purchase a Texas hunting license. The following link is to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Website where you can purchase license and get additional information. If you have questions about which license pertains to your hunt please contact us and we will be glad to assist.

All New Mexico licenses you will be responsible for the cost however we will purchase them for you so please contact us for more details.

There are no age restrictions to hunt in Texas. Hunters under 16 years of age (including nonresidents) qualify for a Texas youth license which is only $6.00.

No Hunter orange is not required in the state of Texas.

Most of the hunts we offer are fully guided. However we do offer a few packages for hunters that want to do things on their own. These hunts I call semi guided one of my guides or myself will be with you or on the ranch at all times. Hunts can be set up however you prefer most are 1 guide per hunter or 1 guide per 2 hunters some of the larger group hunts like pig hunts can have several hunters with one guide depending on the circumstance.

As the saying goes “If you don’t like the Texas weather wait a minute, it’ll change.” Texas weather is probably the hardest weather to predict. We like to be in contact about 2-3 days before your hunt so we can look at an extended forecast and discuss any concerns or what type of clothing you will need to bring.

Yes there are a few snakes in Texas. I wear snake boots a lot of the time. However, different areas of Texas as well as different times of the year, snakes can be more prevalent. If you want to buy boots or chaps that is fine, but not necessary.

PBGSO offers hunts in numerous areas across the state of Texas. Factors such as different landowners, supply and demand, operating costs, quality of game, and whether lodging is available on the ranch etc… all play a part in pricing a hunt. We do not like the high price of hunting any more than you do. In our opinion, there are 2 ways of offering hunts; quality or quantity, and you can’t have it both ways. We decided when PBGSO got started that there was only one option for us, we would offer quality hunts, therefore our prices reflect the quality of hunts we offer.

PBGSO recommends booking your hunt as far in advance as you can. The “best” dates are usually spoken for up to a year in advance. We do not book dates past a year in advance except for predator hunts. Our full staff of guides also allows us the flexibly to book hunts on shorter notice. All hunts are first come first serve.

Some of my hunts have a guarantee opportunity, like my 3 day turkey hunt. It still falls to the hunter to make the shot. The rest of my hunts are not guaranteed, but I can give you the statistics on each and every hunt so you have an idea of prior success. I do not guarantee the rest of these hunts because of variables not under my control such as weather, your physical condition, etc… Last season I had 2 unsuccessful whitetail hunts out of 36. Both of these hunts were set up with a daily charge and a trophy fee. We were hunting a specific free range deer that would score Boone & Crockett, both hunters knew the odds. Exotics: including all free range hunts in 12 years of guiding, I have had no more than a handful of hunters go home without animals. All but 1 of those hunters took legitimate capable shots at their animals. Hogs: we have one of the highest success rates in the state of Texas. I have some of the best country you can hunt hogs period. Javelina: 95% opportunity for the past 14 years+. Predator: take a look at my pictures and you can see I have a very high success rate. Bobcat: success rates run over 95%, I have had a few misses on bobcat. Pronghorn: we have a 100% success rate for as long as we have offered them. Mule Deer: we have a 100% success rate as long as we have offered them as well. Turkey: 100% for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 spring season. 2015 was about a 95% just because we had one hunter go home without anything. We have built a solid reputation in the hunting business and our motto has always been “We tell it like it is and we deliver on what we advertise.”

My first recommendation is driving down for your hunt so you can take your meat, trophies, and hides back with you. For those of you who wish to fly we can make arrangements for you to take meat, trophies, and hides back on the plane. You will need to check with your airline for specific rules and regulations, charges, etc… We now own a taxidermy business, A2Z Taxidermy, and can ship frozen or salted hides or mounted trophies. We can also deliver meat to our local processor who will ship finished products to you anywhere in the US.

Yes we can make arrangements for you to sight in your rifles anywhere we hunt.

Due to the number of hunts we offer for different species, the best times vary considerably. We highly recommend giving us a call and discussing the best time to hunt specific animals. Some animals have specific seasons your limited to hunt and you will need to take this into consideration as well.

Due to the numerous ranches we hunt, we do not have a physical address for some of our ranches. When available, we will provide physical addresses for you. If not we will give detailed directions of where we will meet you before your hunt. With the cell phones that we have now, we like to get updates on your progress of your arrival if you have chosen to drive into a hunt.

Due to the influx of wood prices, and shipping in general we have stopped shipping crates as we normally would. We utilize the taxidermy trophy transportation service Grassie Trophy Logistics, LLC. All shipping of mounts we now send through their delivery service, where you handle all delivery costs through them directly. We will ship Euros/Flat hides VIA FedEx should you prefer. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur due to a result of poor handling by a shipping carrier.  Damages of this nature will be handled thru a claim process with the shipping carrier.  Only at the completion of the claim process, will any payment for damages be made.


Please keep in mind I, Clay Pope, hunt for a living and this is all I do 365 days per year. I stay very busy hunting, guiding hunters, doing ranch work, spending time with family etc… I am not sitting in front of a computer all day and I cannot answer the phone all the time. It can be hard to get a hold of me at times. I do hunt in areas where I do not have cell phone access. Some months I might be in the field up to or more than 25 days out of the month. I have no problem answering questions etc… The best times to get a hold of me if you wish to call is around midday or after 8:00 PM central time or later (I am usually up until midnight and I do not mind late calls). I do have a smart phone which allows me to get all of my emails immediately and text messages. Sometimes the best way to get me is by email, especially if it pertains to questions about gear, weather, or simple questions, etc… On the contact page of this website I have several of my guides phone numbers and my wife/secretary’s phone numbers. If you have an urgent question and you cannot get me please contact her or one of my guides listed. If they cannot answer your questions someone can get a hold of me in a timely manner. We try to contact every hunter 3-5 days of their hunt to go over weather, gear, etc…

Thank You,
Clay & Holly Pope plus all the team here at PBGSO and A2Z Taxidermy