Due to the influx of wood prices, and shipping in general we have stopped shipping crates as we normally would. We utilize the taxidermy trophy transportation service Grassie Trophy Logistics, LLC. All shipping of mounts we now send through their delivery service, where you handle all delivery costs through them directly. We will ship Euros/Flat hides VIA FedEx should you prefer. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur due to a result of poor handling by a shipping carrier.  Damages of this nature will be handled thru a claim process with the shipping carrier.  Only at the completion of the claim process, will any payment for damages be made.

Should you decide to use your own taxidermist back home, we provide the option of taking your things to Wildlife Gallery where they will contact you with options to ship/salt & ship/tan & ship things to your taxidermist of choice. Otherwise, you will be responsible for transportation of your cape/horns home. We do not hold or ship green capes or not cleaned skulls.