Game Processing

Included in your hunt price is caping and quartering of game taken. 

You will be responsible for providing;

  • Your own ice chest to transport meat home. 
  • Any and all ice needed to keep meat cool.
  • Any bags to place meat in. (ziplock/trashbags)
  • Any meat processing fees. (Depending on hunt caliber and location we have a couple different recommendations for processors that can be discussed at proper time.)
  • De-Boning meat (We offer this service at an additional cost depending on size/species of game.)
  • Should you decide to donate the meat you will pay any “donation” fees.

Should you decide to use your own taxidermist back home, we provide the option of taking your things to Wildlife Gallery where they will contact you with options to ship/salt & ship/tan & ship things to your taxidermist of choice. Otherwise, you will be responsible for transportation of your cape/horns home. We do not hold or ship green capes or not cleaned skulls.