• Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunts in Texas – James Thins the Herd

    Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunts in Texas –

    scimitar horned Oryx

    James called and told us he would be in the area for a day or two and would like to try to find a broke horn Scimitar horned Oryx bull if we had any we could discount or anything like that. We told him we had a couple of Scimitar Horned Oryx bulls we were looking to take off the herd that we would discount if he could make it in to hunt. Well it came down to James driving in on a Sunday afternoon and not having a ton of time to hunt. Well no problems there we thought we should be able to get in and get out pretty quick and get James a nice Scimitar Horned Oryx Bull. We took off on the buggy down into the pasture and once we found the herd of Scimitar Horned Oryx we knew it might take a couple of attempts to get the bull we were looking for to give us the right shot. All the Scimitar Horned Oryx were up on the hill so the first pass we pushed them down into the valley and we were able to find the bull we were looking for just to far for James to get a shot with his TC muzzle loader. Second try we set up and the ranch foreman pushed the Scimitar Horned Oryx right past us but our Bull ran by in a big group and didn’t offer a shot. Now the Scimitar Horned Oryx were heading into a part of the ranch we didn’t want them to go so at the end of drivable road we set out on foot. We had the Oryx at 40 yards and again they walked through the set up but where to bunched up to get the shot off. But we had gotten the Oryx headed back into an area of the ranch that was much easier to hunt them. As we mad our way back up the hill on the buggy we were not ready or expecting the bull we were after to be standing right in the road at the top of the hill so we missed the best opportunity we had gotten so far. We could see the herd all together around the next clump of brush and we knew with 80-90 pair of eyes watching us it was going to be difficult to stalk in. We had an idea that maybe we could pull to the edge of the brush on the buggy and maybe they would stand long enough for us to get our Scimitar Horned Oryx Bull picked out and get a shot. Of course we pull up and half of the herd starts to run. Well we look to our right and the Bull we were after is standing looking at us at 50 yards. James quickly got on him and pulled the trigger. I was worried shooting black powder but the bull ran about 50 yards and piled up. We gave him a couple of minutes to expire not wanting to push him if he wasn’t totally done. As we pulled around to him we knew the bullet had done the trick and James stood over a nice 39″ Scimitar Horned Oryx Bull. Congrats James and once your Taxidermist gets him fixed up I know you will be proud of your Bull.

  • Axis Hunts in Texas – David Gets His Axis

    Axis Hunts in Texas-


    After a long day of hunting we decided to break out the spotlight and see what was on the oat field First deer we see is this nice Axis Buck. David made the first shot and the Axis deer ran across the field into the brush. We gave him a few minutes as we thought we heard the deer crash and go down in the brush. It was kind of a rainy nasty night and I was afraid any blood would quickly be washed away so we made the decision to try to get on the trail and track him instead of pulling out and giving him time to expire. We found a small amount of blood when we first got in the brush and once we got in going up the hill we could see the Axis buck slowly walking down a trail ahead of us. We knew he was hit pretty good but we didn’t want him to get over the top of the hill we were on so we made our way closer to him and David’s second shot did the trick. Now to get the Axis buck off the hill!!! What a day of hunting and for it to all come together like it did.. Congrats David on a nice Axis buck.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Year of the Aoudad Continues

    Aoudad hunts in Texas –

    David was in from Cheyenne Wyoming with his brother in law and good friend Mark. In 2013 the group was in and David took a really nice Axis and wanted to come back for Aoudad. So on the first day of the hunt David was on the ledge blind and had a respectable ram come in, with it being the first day of the hunt David decided to pass on that ram. The second day we all went to another ranch and spent the day looking for an axis buck for one guy and we needed to shoot 2 aoudad with this group. So after a few close calls and a couple of great stalks that ended with a swirl of the wind or a ewe snorting at us we had dropped the axis hunter off in a spot that the axis had been making their way through avoiding the truck and we continued to drive to find the group of Aoudad rams and hopefully push an axis buck in front of the other hunter. We were driving down the back fence line and came around a corner and there he was standing broadside 30 yards away looking right at us. There was no time for a stalk or to get out of the truck I told Dave who was on that side to get ready and them one in the middle of the 3 rams was the best one. Dave quickly got the Aoudad in his sights and made a great shot. We knew the ram would be laying right in front of the brush that he jumped through and much to our surprise he was not!! the blood trail was amazing and I do not know how the Aoudad ran as far as he did but he couldn’t of had an ounce of blood left in him. We finally got down the hill into the creek bed and there he was piled up in the cedar. A nice Aoudad down and now it took the 4 of us there to carry him back to where we could get him with the truck. Man what a toad this aoudad was we decided to put him on the scale and he topped out at 340 lbs live weight. Great Aoudad Dave and we look forward to you guys coming back in 2015!!

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Mark Closes the Deal on Aoudad

    Aoudad hunts in Texas –


    Mark was on his return trip for Aoudad after 2013 deciding to take an Axis buck instead of an Aoudad. On the first day Marks and his guide Josh sat in a blind for Aoudad and saw a descent ram he just passed through and Mark couldn’t get a shot. on the second day we went to a different ranch and hunted all day with another hunter in the group taking an Aoudad and an Axis buck it came down to day 3 of the hunt and Mark was back on the same ranch he started on but on a different stand. There were a few rams came out and this bruiser was at the back of the pack so we told Mark to wait and let him come in and get cozy in the set up and then we would get a better shot. Anyone who has ever hunted Aoudad know they are a tough animal and often times you do not get a pass through and the animal will typically run even with a well placed shot. Mark got comfortable and made a great shot on this on and he ran to the edge of the brush less than 50 yards and fell. In this country we were hunting with steep cliffs and canyons we could have been a lot worse off. Congrats Mark on a great Aoudad ram and we look forward to having you back in the future for another exciting hunt.

  • Predator Hunts in Texas – Skip Hunts Tough

    Predator hunts in Texas –


    Anyone who has ever met Skip from Glasgow Montana has sure to of heard a few of his hunting stories. For a man who has hunted all over the world and taken many of the animals in their native environments age and the Cancer have humbled Skip. We spent a few days hunting Armenian Mouflon and a few days predator hunting so I heard and enjoyed many of Skips stories. We predator hunted some in the hill country and killed a couple fox and were looking for the elusive Ringtail that never showed himself. We then moved down to Webb County and began hunting one of my best predator ranches. On the first stand of the night we had the eyes of a predator working in within 30 seconds of calling. Right away I knew it was a cat and I tried to get skip into position. The cat made it down to a creek and we lost him ( for a second). I shined around to make sure nothing else was sneaking in on us and another predator was coming down the sendero behind us. as we tried to get positioned on him I noticed out of the corner of the light the 1st cat ran across the road 20 yards behind the truck… and the 2nd cat got back in the brush and I could see him circling down to the next sendero. It was now one of those situations like which one is going to pop out right here by the truck first!! Good problem to have right !! Well after only a few seconds we found out and it was the first cat worked its way down to the point of the brush where 2 roads came together. 10 yards from the truck skip got turned and boom we had a cat down I kept calling and the second cat just stopped and sat down behind a cactus. I threw everything I had at him to try and get him to come out from behind there and he finally got up and took off straight away never giving Skip a shot. So off to the next stand we went and I think we had animals on every stand and a few winded us or just never gave us a shot. It got down to about 1:30 -2 am and I had let one of our other guides jump up top and call a few stands. Skip was getting tired and ready to head back to the lodge and we said lets try 1 more stand. So after a few minutes into the stand a coyote come barreling down the lane cut in the brush and about 60 yards out he stopped and Josh told skip to shoot. Not realizing skip was holding the shotgun we were all surprised that the 3″ dead coyote load dropped the Coyote in his tracks. Once I got to him I could tell that 1 of the T shot pellets had landed right between the Coyotes eyes! What a shot and what a great hunt with a very interesting person. Thanks Skip for sharing all your stories and plans for the museum one day we will have to bring the kids up when it is done. And we are looking forward to having you back down in September for another exotic hunt and possibly some more predator hunting !

  • Armenian Mouflon Hunts in Texas – Skip Goes Armenian

    Armenian Hunts in Texas –

    Armenian Mouflon

    Skip from Montana made his way to Texas in hopes of scoring on a big Armenian Mouflon. The first day we tried a little of everything spot and stalk, Corn, pushing brush and it just never came together. The next morning we made our way back in the ranch and it was a blistery cold morning wind was howling and blowing like crazy. We decided to corn the main road and see if the Armenian Mouflon herd would come out to the road. After we corned we drove back toward the gate and found some ewes coming toward the road. We decided to go on past and set up and watch the corn After a few minutes we could see the Armenian Mouflon rams working in with the ewes. We decided to pull up and see if they would stop long enough to get a shot. Once we got even with the rams they bolted up on the ridge but stopped about 75 yards away and looked back. After a quick reposition Skip made an excellent shot and dropped this beautiful Armenian Mouflon. Congrats skip this Armenian Mouflon will make an awesome edition to your collection for the museum.

  • Armenian Mouflon Hunts in Texas – Aussie Invasion

    Armenian Mouflon Hunts in Texas –

    Armenian Mouflon

    Armenian Mouflon of world class sizes are not an every day find. When we showed these two to the group of Australians they were quick to say lets go. After a hard day of hunting both hunters had chances at nice Armenian Mouflon and we had cashed in on one chance with the nice Armenian Mouflon pictured above. We went back on the second day and finished up with another very nice Armenian Mouflon. The Armenian Mouflon is an awesome trophy with their horn configuration setting them apart from the rest of the Mouflon and Urial species. Anyone interested in a fantastic Armenian Mouflon hunt should call and get this hunt booked as we have a couple of very nice rams left in the pasture.

    Armenian Mouflon

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Darrel Tackles the Mountain

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –


    Darrel had been on the hunt with Joe and Efrain in October of 2013 when Efrain scored on a nice Aoudad ram on the first day of the hunt. On the first hunt Darrel was hunting on a location that took some nerve just to get up to the spot to sit and look for the Aoudad. On the 2nd or 3rd morning on the first hunt Darrel made a misstep and found him self sliding and rolling down the mountain. Darrel wasn’t to keen on going back to that location but we knew there were big Aoudad in the area so he decided to try to tackle the mountain again. This time it only took one trip up and Darrel was rewarded for his daring climb with a pretty darn nice Free range Aoudad. Congrats Darrel on a great trophy Aoudad and for surviving the mountain 1 last time.

  • Aoudad Hunts in Texas – Joe Back for Round 2

    Aoudad Hunts in Texas –



    Joe was on a return trip to Texas for free range Aoudad after going home with out one in October. We had been scouting pretty regularly hoping to be able to pattern a nice Aoudad with out much luck we knew it was going to take being in the right place at the right time and a little bit of luck to pull this hunt off the way we hoped it would go. After a couple of days of hunting and seeing females and young immature males this nice Aoudad ram made the mistake of showing himself at the feeder Joe and his guide was sitting at. Joe knew this might be the only ram that he would have a chance at and wanted to take one home this trip. After a few minutes they got a shot and Joe put this nice Aoudad down for the count. The year of the Aoudad continues another nice ram down. Congrats Joe on your trophy Aoudad.